UPDATE: I’ve decided to make these codes available for free because, well GRATITUDE! So as a major thank you to all of you who read my ramblings and look at my squiggles and still keep coming back i want you to have the GRATITUDE Codes as a gift from my lil heart to yours ❤

Trust and manifestation go hand in hand, but have you given much thought to how gratitude plays into that as well? We all know about the how of manifesting. And no doubt you’ve written or declared all your new moon intentions, especially this one being such a powerful magical gateway. But once that’s done what is your process for making sure you see these intentions through?
If it doesn’t include gratitude you’re probably wondering why it’s not working the way it should. And the reason is this: without gratitude for the place you are already at, you cannot move forward. Seems counter intuitive hey? If you want to move out of a situation, why waste energy being grateful for it?
But the truth is, that being grateful raises your vibration, and raising your vibration is the only way to lift out of something. If you match the current vibration you’re in, you’ll stay in it. Following me? So basically to break it down:
You’re in a situation currently ie- you’re living somewhere that isn’t working for you anymore and you want to move. This is VIBRATION A.
The Taurus new moon comes along and you realise it’s the perfect time to manifest you some sweet new home vibes. You lay out your crystals, cast your circle, smudge the shit out of your life and make a perfect list of all the perfect things you want from your new home. You close down your circle, thank your tribe of intergalactic and inter-dimensional mates for their assistance and go to bed feeling frickin ace. That’s VIBRATION B.
You wake in the morning in your bleak lil apartment, to another day of living here and find yourself right back in VIBRATION A. You spend the next days, weeks, months trying all the tricks and hacks you learned in Manifesting 101 and can’t understand why you’re sparkly new home isn’t showing up. The basic yet profound truth of it is that you CANNOT manifest VIBRATION B if you’re still rooted in VIBRATION A. It simply cannot come to you, it’s on a different plane, it’s in a different dimension, it’s on a different existence to VIBRATION B, which is where you’re trying to head right?
SO in order to actually get yourself over to VIBRATION B, you need to attract VIBRATION B to you. And unfortunately you can’t dress up all pretty, bat your eyelashes and hope it will notice you, you have to get yourself to where it is, so it can then totally envelope and engulf you and your world. You need to CREATE VIBRATION B for yourself, so that you can then jump up the scale to where it lives. Then from there you can jump up to VIBRATION C and so on and so forth.
So, if like attracts like and energy flows where attention goes, and all those other spiritual quips we’ve heard time and time again- it stands to reason that you need to somehow create VIBRATION B in your life, even though you’re currently residing in VIBRATION A.
Enter your Secret Sauce: GRATITUDE
Stick with me, i’m going somewhere with this.

You need to stay in that VIBRATION B, which is higher than VIBRATION A. A quick and powerful way to raise your vibration, is to be in the vibration of GRATITUDE. So then it stands to reason that if you want to get yourself to VIBRATION B, start practicing gratitude. Which sounds again like all that spiritual rhetoric that we’re given, which comes with very little practical assistance on how to do that. And i can’t help with that either.
haha just kidding, i can a little. Though it is true that no one can give you the secret recipe. You do need to find that vibration of gratitude for yourself within you, so that you know what you’re trying to match. But i’ve got a couple of helpful tips to help you get there.
Pallas Athena says ‘Detach From Drama”. If you’re living in chaos, things going wrong, everybody whinging all the time about how bad things are, you YOURSELF whinging about how bad things are and how you’ll never be able to afford to live anywhere but a shitty apartment, you hate your boss, your boyfriend is a dick etc, etc- then you’re going to find it very hard to feel appreciative and grateful for where you are. And that right there is where the difficulty lies. Obviously if you’re in a situation you want to get out of, it’s not all roses. It’s a bit shit, hence why you want to get out of it. So it’s obviously hard to feel grateful for things that are a bit shit right? Well that’s where you have to exercise your power as a spiritual master and flip your perspective of the whole thing. YES you live in a crappy apartment, YES your boss is a dick and your boyfriend is no Prince Charming, BUT you can choose the way it looks to you and in doing so, high tail the fuck outta there.
You may be in this situation, but you have the grace of being able to see that it is not for you. You desire bigger, better. You know there is more out there for you and an environment more conducive to you being able to flourish and therefore shine your light and do your work more effectively. So the first major step has been taken. Well done.
Now, look at all the blessings that being in this situation has given you: eg- you now KNOW there is better out there and that you deserve it (SELF WORTH), you now have this irritation growing within you as your soul says “Let’s GTFO” (TUNING IN TO YOUR INTUITION), you know the reality of living in a not so desirable situation and can therefore relate to others in similar situations (COMPASSION). 
Basically, where you’re at and where you’ve been has been a TEACHER. You had to walk this to learn these lessons and now you’ve learnt them you’re ready to move on and level up. So don’t look at this time with disdain. Love your shitty apartment for showing you what you truly deserve. Thank your shitty boss for teaching you to have patience and calm in the face of assholes. Appreciate that your dicky boyfriend has shown you just what you’re actually worth and given you the power to recognise that and start treating yourself as such, therefore clearing out space for someone else to come along and recognise and start treating you as such.
All these things about your life that you’re unhappy with, have really been blessings. Blessings that were a part of your path and journey and therefore could not be erased from your history. And why would you want them to? Are you not the person who stands here today because of the person you were all those yesterdays?
You can have whatever you want. You can manifest the greatest, most exquisite life you could possibly dream up, and then some. But you don’t believe it. And you don’t believe you deserve it. So you keep attracting situations that reflect that to you, until you start to realise “Wait a minute, the fuck am i doing here when i could be living the life i ACTUALLY want?!”. And then you start doing it. And you do that through GRATITUDE.
Love who you’ve been and how you got to here. Love the shit out of it. Be so stoked that you’ve been brave and strong enough to walk this at times treacherous path and still come out the other side without giving up. Coming out the other side saying “I deserve better” and then freeking going and getting it for yourself. That’s Awesome! Many people DON’T EVER do that, so congratulate yourself on that already.
So, in closing; you want something. You haven’t been able to get it yet because you’re forgetting to find a way to already love where you are. And that way is through GRATITUDE. Detach from the chaos and drama, remove your emotions from the daily grind of it. See the blessings and the lessons in all you’ve endured and where you’re at. LOVE THEM. Love the shit out of them and yourself. FILL YOURSELF with that amazing luscious vibration of GRATITUDE. I promise your days will fell better, everything will get easier, and before you know it, shit will be falling onto your path to help you reach that goal- and THEN gratitude will be even easier because just look at all this mad shit going on?! You’ll be killing it and before you know it, you wont even need to look at the gratitude codes and practice it, you’ll be living in VIBRATION B and it will just be your natural state.

Now that you know all of that, it’s time to share with you the ACTUAL secret sauce i’ve been given, which is the GRATITUDE Codes. When i first started working with the codes i felt that it was almost like cheating. Like, we’re told that you need to work realllllly hard at something for aggggessss before it will manifest for you. Which now is simply not true. I don’t know if it ever was, but i do know that we’ve all already been working really freekin hard and now that is not the reality. YES you still have to DO the work- do not mistake me when i say this is the secret sauce for meaning that you can just slather codes all over your life and you’re good to go. You can’t. You still need to be dedicated to your development and doing all that stuff that we do to clear out and level up. BUT, now where we’re at collectively means that we’ve finally gotten ourselves to a place where we are being re-gifted these codes. I say RE-gifted because they were always ours, they are us, they’re not something new we’ve never seen before. And if the codes are for you, then you have worked with them before- you CHOSE them to activate you at this exact time before you incarnated. But they are still a gift in the fact that now we’ve reached this place, we can start accessing the information in the codes. And they are a HUGE FUCKING HELP. As long as you are still committed to doing your work and taking practical steps towards your goal, the codes act as a super highway to get you there. You are working away, and the codes take all that work and super charge it to get you there. That’s why they’re a gift. 
At first i felt like it was too easy. And then i swiftly realised that this has been nothing but fucking easy. Like, the whole journey i’ve walked thus far has been anything but easy, so why did i feel like i couldn’t receive a gift? Well, that comes into our human dis-ability to accept and receive, to believe it can be easy and there’s no need to struggle and a whole bunch of other stuff that we’ll cover at a later date. In fact, perhaps i may do a Sigil package to help with that. But back on topic, you CAN accept the gift of the codes to help you super charge your work. You HAVE worked super hard. Even if you’re not getting that recognition in your human life please know that it HAS been recognised and seen and is appreciated beyond belief. So now you get a reward. And the codes are it. Commit to the belief that it doesn’t need to be hard, you don’t need to struggle, you can accept the help when it comes. 
Back yourself on this journey. HAVE GRATITUDE for all you’ve done. Allow yourself to receive the assistance you’ve been asking for.

Here is the link to purchase the codes. There is no reading this time, it came all on one package with the blog- but do use the blog as you would the reading. I did pull cards, it just didn’t all come out in the exact same format it usually does. Ever changing, always keeping me on my toes!

*****EDIT**** You can actually just get the codes for free down below. Just save or screenshot the picture :)

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Hannah ❤