Twin Flame Timeline Codes

Well true to form of no two week being the same or even remotely similar, another brand new thing has popped up into my world and that is Twin Flame Timeline Codes.

I’ve been doing personalised Timelines for a while, that was in fact how started working with codes and what i’ve done most of. I had a feeling when i started working with the Twin Flame Collective that something like this would come. At first they were codes relevant to everyone, which i’m sure will keep coming through as needed, but i was quite sure this would happen too.

What i DIDN’T realise is that they’re not just codes, they’re actually a reading and healing as well, all wrapped up in one lil package. I freekin LOVE packages. So i’m really glad it happened this way. It makes me feel so excited about them and i’m really getting to bring together seamlessly all the things i do.

So basically they are Timeline Codes, they all start with three vertical lines; the middle line is your meeting point, the left side is the feminine and the right side is the masculine. Bare in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean the left is the woman and right is the man, they will cross over and there will be parts of the femimne side that the man has embodied and vice versa. As with all the codes and Timelines i do, it’s not to be read or interpreted. The codes are visually absorbed activations and attunements. You don’t need to understand them, don’t fall into the trap of trying to work out where on the Timeline you’re coming back together or being with other people or anything like that. They will not predict your future. Instead they will provide you with the information on a subconscious level, seed the attunments that are required and activate all that is ready to come back online.

Like all of my Timelines, they will be valid for your whole incarnation and the vast amount of information held within them will change as you grow and expand and are ready to take new parts on.

So the format will be thusly- and to be honest that may even change a little. I did the first one as an experiment and the following is the format it took, but i feel like it’s pretty accurate for how it’s gonna go down:

  • I hand draw the Timeline of your Twin Flame Journey. At the top there is a Sigil of both of your names.
  • Using the 7 chakra colours one by one i then draw on extra codes. These act as a reading. I can see where the strengths and weaknesses are. I can see how you are connected through each chakra, what you need to be aware of and what will need work. Also nuances of your relationship will be apparent, ie- for the one i did yesterday they had a special connection at their third eye chakra that allowed them to see into each others lives and through each others eyes. Cool right?!
  • I then take notes about all those things and photograph the Timeline as it is
  • Now is when it gets super cool, i was really stoked when this part happened. The codes on their own ARE healing; they attune, activate and heal you. But what i found out with these specific ones is that i deliver a healing through the drawing process. I use the chakra colours to strengthen and give extra support to the areas where you need it. It doesn’t do the work for you, the issues that the two of you have to work through will still be there- that is after all, your work and process- but what i do is infuse those areas with extra reinforcement and support. It ends up being more balanced and rounded out.
  • Then i photograph the new Timeline with the healing and that’s the one you work with. If you’re in Australia i can also post it out for you to keep. If you’re in contact with your twin you can give them a copy, it’s equally for both of you. However, trust your intuition on that because if they are not ready the codes will be extremely overwhelming for them and it would be better to absorb them second hand through you working with them.
  • I’ll then do an audio recording of the explanation of the notes that come through about your connection and what i have strengthened, etc

To work with the codes you should both meditate upon them and just look at them. Keep them somewhere you will see them often and it’s especially helpful to have them somewhere you will unintentionally see them. Sitting down to focus on them is good, but they’re best absorbed subconsciously, when you’re not exactly intending to do so. They bypass the mind much more easily that way. With these ones i don’t recommend having them as your desktop or phone background, like i do with lots of the other codes. They’re too extreme for that haha. But putting them on the wall in your bedroom, lounge room, office, etc will be good. The more you work with them and get used to them, the codes themselves will tell you how best to work with them. Trust your intuition. You can see an example of the ones i’ve done down below.

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As always, thanks for being here- on this blog and on this planet doing this invaluable work. I salute you all and know that we’re actually through the hardest part already, even if it doesn’t feel like that. Keep loving yourselves fiercely

Hannah ❤

Twin Flame Timeline Codes
Notes- you wont have to try and decipher this- i’ll record an explanation for you haha