What is a Twin Soul?

Twin Souls are 2 parts of the one soul that chose to be separated many moons ago to experience their evolution from two different perspectives. The once androgynous soul split into two whole selves in order to experience the full gamut of human expression. The journey back together is one of Self Discovery. Each twin must first face his or her own issues and lessons to master before reunification can occur. Thee way back to the twin is not in fact through the twin. It is through you and your own heart. You must fill every perceived gap that you think your twin will fill, all those bits of you that you feel will be “complete” when your twin returns- you need to do that all for yourself. No one, not even your divine counterpart, can do that for you. It’s the age old quip that you must find happiness within yourself and I’m sorry to say that it is no different for the twins.

The Twin Flame journey is not a magical fairytale about two people who are meant to be and fall madly in love, ride off into the sunset and spend their days whispering “you complete me” to each other. Sure, you may experience times that are fairytale like. And yes, you may indeed have found what feels like fairytale love. But the reality of the twins is that they agreed to do very important and very weighted work. It is not about finding “The One”. In fact, its not even about finding a romantic love or partnership. It is about the role you play on this Earth, and the work you agreed to do together all that time ago.

Please don’t misunderstand me- I am not saying that the Twin Flame Connection isn’t meant to be love. For many twins it is the most all encompassing, dizzyingly powerful, unlike anything else you’ve ever felt romantic love. However, in this incarnation not all twins will express the unconditional love and bond they have for each other in a sexual way. And that’s perfectly perfect. Whichever way the relationship manifests is perfectly perfect for what both twins need. Because it could not possibly be any other way. Your love is eternal and bound and there truly is nothing that alters or changes that.

I feel that it’s important to address the way that the Twin Flame connections seems to be the new buzz word in spiritual circles. I can see that it is indeed tempting to want for yourself an eternal connection, based in the deepest knowing and undersanding of each other. And therefore many people are mistaking love and even infatuation for a Twin Flame connection. But there really is so much more to the relationship than just love and companionship. It is about work for this planet during this most auspicious time. Work that we all agreed to do and are now able to step into our roles and do that work. It IS about love. Of course it is, how could it not be when you literally are each other? But it’s also about love for our planet and our multiverse and all the beings within that this great change will affect.

There is so much pressure to “do your work, fix yourself and your twin will come/come back”. However, If you’re working on yourself solely for the purpose of getting your twin to notice or come back, then you can not possibly be doing all that you need to, your focus is too narrow.

You are totally whole without your twin. You are completely in tact and a whole being Self without the presence of your twin in your life. Because the truth of it is that the twins are never really separate. You are a part of each other and always have been and always will be. If they are not in your life right now, or if they are and you’re not together, then you aren’t ready. Both of you. Even if you feel like you are and they’re not and you’re waiting for them to get their act together or wake up or realise. No. It doesn’t work that way. You’re a reflection of each other. You’re evolution mirrors each other’s. If your twin is doing something you don’t like or don’t feel is right or whatever, have a look at where you might be embodying the same thing. If you feel your twin is not stepping into their divine truth, have a look at where you too might still be holding back from stepping into your divine truth. Because in fact, all those little irksome things about your twin, that you wish they would change or fix, that is within you too. And that is why you’re perceiving it as irksome. It is your clue. It is your internal compass pointing you in the direction of what you need to look at next. Do not berate yourself for it not coming together yet the way you had hoped. You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s not that you haven’t done enough yet. It’s just that often it is not possible for us to know the whole picture in one go. Indeed, a human eperience would be pointless if we could. However, there is a bigger picture and even if you may be feeling like you’re failing — YOU’RE NOT. You never could be.

So, do not look to your twin to fix you. Do not look to your twin to complete you. Do not look to your twin to ride in on a white horse and sweep you out of your current misery. You must become your own knight in shining armour. You must become your own night and day. You must become your own lover, mother, carer, confidant. You must fill your own cup, because if that twin returned before you had done so, you would become quickly depleted and the whole runner situation would appear again. So if you don’t want to do that back and forth dance anymore, the one where you finally feel like this is the time, only to have one person turn tail and run- if you’ve had enough of that dance now, then do not wish for the return of your twin until you’re totally ready to hold space for and support that relationship. Do not wish for the return of your twin, wish for the return of your own wholeness.

There is much work to be done. You may feel like you’ve already done all the work and reunification will be a treat, a reward, a walk in the park. But the truth is, all the work you’ve done up till now has just been readying you for the real work to begin. Like a training boot camp before you get sent out into the field. However, by then you will be masters of your craft and not struggling and flailing to keep your head above water. And it will of course it be a treat, your whole beingness will buzz with the brilliance of it, and thats when your real work can truly begin!

So, I’m going to tell you the same old thing everyone has been telling us for as long as we can remember and we’re all sick of hearing- keep doing you. Keep doing your work. Let go of the idea you need to be fixed or healed. Love yourself. Love all the parts of yourself you’ve deemed unworthy. Invite them to sit at your table and drink of your cup. Meet them again, hear their story. Find out what they want to say about how they feel. Be totally in love with yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your beloved twin, with the same care and compassion and tenderness. And when you get really comfortable in that and it has become more than second nature- it has indeed just become who you are- and so much so that you’ve almost stopped thinking about reunification, only then will the stage be primed for gears to start turning and the twins reuniting. Do not worry about where they are on their journey, even if it seems they haven’t started it. You just need to worry about yours. You are intrinsically linked, and your work being done by you has no choice but to start affecting change in their life too.

You’re doing beautifully and already so much has been achieved. Please do not feel less than or not enough or that it should have happened by now. You’re perfectly positioned exactly where you need to be, and all is unfolding how we planned it. There is nothing to fear or be apprehensive of. And there is no need to give in to the feelings that it’s all too much and you can’t do this. For you would not have signed up, nor would it be coming to you if you could not handle it. You’re a powerful and beautiful Liver of the Magick Life and i salute you as you walk this path alongside me.

Thank you for your brilliant work and unwavering faith in something that more often than not seems to be un-real. You’re all legends!

❤ Hannah

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