After 6 very intense years working for Accenture I decided to take some time off and conducted my last client workshop today. It took me quite a while to come to this decision but I realized that there might probably never be the “perfect time” to do it. The fact that my decision feels completely right today — even though I am still struggling with uncertainty about what the journey might bring (which is quite normal I guess) — tells me that I’m right. 
I’m extremely thankful for the last years. Isn’t it the greatest gift when you can honestly tell by looking back “I would not change anything”? Stress, being sometimes full of doubts, sleepless nights and even emotional breakdowns can never take away the most valuable personal development I went through the past years. I learned that it’s all about discovering carefully, asking questions without having the answer already in mind, talking to people without shouting out your opinion first, taking risks, making mistakes, trust — in others and more than that in yourself. Being professional doesn’t mean to be always right, selling what ever the client wants or working 24/7. I believe it requires authenticity, passion and the ability to accept that things are going wrong sometimes. There will always be people you’re miles away from being on the same page — and still, you need to collaborate in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
Just keep in mind: “You can love a brand, you can hate a brand,but you can never ignore it’s existence”. It might be hard to always take full responsibility for your beliefs, but it’s even harder trying to please everyone anytime — plus not worth it. Why? Because there is no bigger reward than what you’ll take away for your life by challenging yourself rather than focusing on how others might want you to be. 
I learned being patient with myself (works not always perfectly fine I guess ;) however — that’s what convinced me to go on this journey and to conquer new areas for personal growth.