“You should call it the most infrequent frequent blog” told me a dear friend. Since he is a) a smart guy and b) knows me quite well — it’ll probably be exactly that. But aren’t irregular posts perhaps even more interesting? It’s like in a good horror movie: You’re impatiently waiting to get the kick and if it’s a good one it lasts until the next unexpected shock strikes you even harder. OK…might be a bit over the top, but that’s just because I’m personally not into horror movies. What thrills me more are inspirational conversations, controversial perceptions and self-reflection. I like to share my thoughts, because it helps me to structure the million impressions, questions and statements which are quite often confusing me by completely free floating every millisecond throughout my brain. However — this is not only selfish — people asked me to keep them up2date during my travels. And since I believe nobody really needs another “I went from A to do B and met C — travel blog” I try to infuse it a bit with…. actually my personality. So it might turn out to be a bit unstructured, emotional and rational at the same time, always keen to see the big picture but loving the details even more. And if you’re asking why this is in English…isn’t it a must if you tend to be a cool blogger 😉? Means: please excuse my denglisch — it’s going to be infrequent and “flex-languagable” (yes I like to invent words if I’m not able or too lazy to find the right impression).

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