Handkerchiefs… Really?

It’s a good question frankly. Why are we spending our time doing this?

I can only really answer for myself, and it comes down to two motivators.

The first is that I want to know what it feels like to actually be involved in making a thing. I’ve spent my career up to this point working in finance. I am absolutely not a finance-basher. To the contrary, I’ve enjoyed my career, particularly the people I’ve worked with, and I’m incredibly grateful for the life it’s provided me and my family. That said, I have never created, marketed, or sold a product.

I went to business school and learned the theory of how this is done. I have a piece of paper from a fancy school that declares I know something about business — that I’m a “master” of the subject actually. Yet, my experience so far has been that when it comes to actually sourcing materials, finding someone who knows how to actually make a thing, deciding on a price, and then trying to tell the world that you are open for business… well, it’s just harder than the textbooks might have you believe.

So, reason number one is that I’m doing this to learn how an actual business, with an actual product, actually works.

The second reason is that it gives me an excuse to work on a project with my brothers. The daily text messages, phone calls, and email exchanges are just fun. It’s not more complicated than that. Building things is fun, seeing someone buy something that we made is fun, and doing it with my brothers is the most fun part of all.

American Handkerchief is our little slice of the Internet. It’s an opportunity to learn all kinds of interesting lessons. It is a way for us to try to communicate some things about how we think about the world.

I believe it makes sense to carry a handkerchief in your back pocket. I think it makes you just a little bit more prepared to handle the little inconveniences you come across as you make your way through the day.

And of course, if you agree with the above, I believe you should get that handkerchief from us!

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