Let’s Go To The Market! #FRUITMACHINE

Fruit Machine

Is it a WIN-WIN-WIN! situation with this season’s abundance of fruity accessories & clothes?

A quick look at shop windows, fashion blogs and magazines tells us that this summer will be dominated by two opposing trends: bright colours and the soft ones.


Fruity and tropical prints and fabrics, first seen in summer 2011/12, are set to explode again this season.

We love the fruit prints for their versatility. The fruity patterns are ideal for a beach day, but a pineapple print blouse combined with a pencil/midi skirt can be a perfect office outfit too.


An unusual design, the prints may not be for everyone. Some may associate fruits and vegetables with kitchen clothes & tablecloths, or memories of childhood. Who didn’t have a fruity shirt as a child? But we really like the bright colours, particularly for summer.

Of all the fruits out there, is the pineapple the “Fruit Queen” of this new fruity fashion trend?

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It looks like it is!

Pineapple prints are popping up everywhere: from bright, tropical colours to more muted hues, pineapple-themed looks with accessories like phone cases, shoes and nails masks!

We personally love it. We think its the best way to welcome summer.

What do you think? Do you dare? Do you like this Fashion Fruity Trend?

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