Why do we Love Balloons?

Ever since the first rubber balloon was invented in 1824 by Michael Faraday, it seems like balloons have been a focal point of every celebration. Everyone loves balloons — whether they are plain, shaped, filled with helium, or filled with water. But did you know that they actually came to be because of a failed laboratory experiment?

Faraday found that he could make two sheets of rubber stick together and hold air.

Michael Faraday

By 1825 Thomas Hancock (a British inventor and rubber manufacturer) began distributing balloon-making kits that included sheets of rubber and syringes. In 1847, London entrepreneurs were selling the first balloons.

Thomas Hancock

Balloons, in their various forms, were invented for use in military communications, scientific experiments, and transportation, but it wasn’t long before people began to have fun with them. The military use of balloons might not fit the fun and carefree idea that we have in relation with balloons today. At the start of the Cold War in the 1950s, activists in Western Europe used balloons for propaganda purposes. They would float east over Eastern Europe, and would then release newspapers and pamphlets. Today, South Korean activists are using the same balloon method to get information to those in North Korea.

O.K., now we know a bit more about the origin of the balloons, the question is:

Why do we love celebrating things with balloons?

Balloons used to have specific meanings for each of the colours, much like roses do today. They were an inexpensive way to show someone that you really cared.

Did you know that balloons are actually harvested from rubber trees? However, making balloons does not actually harm the tree — they are completely sustainable!

Whatever you are using balloons for — to decorate for a birthday party, to let someone know you care, or just as a release for celebration, balloons of all shapes and sizes are one of the best ways to capture that celebratory spirit. The balloon’s style — no matter what — captures just a little bit of magic in our everyday lives.

We absolutely love balloons for all occasions — no matter what! Go to your local store and get a pack to celebrate today! :-)

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