HandsOn Startup Tour Europe 2016 announces the 9 winners

Nov 24, 2016 · 4 min read

After received over 400 applications from 8 countries across Europe, HandsOn Startup Tour now have the winners.

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It’s been a long, excited road, but it’s finally time to crown the winners of the HandsOn Startup Tour Europe 2016. This year’s batch was truly awesome with innovative business models, multiple hardware startups and good engineering.

Startups participating in the HandsOn Startup Tour have all been hand-picked to participate in our highly competitive startup competition. They all showcased their products and services in front of multiple groups of VCs and tech leaders serving as judges for a chance to win a trip to Silicon Valley and up to €1.25 Million in Funding from Partech Ventures and Lemonblood.

After a lot of presentations, HandsOn Startup Tour pored over the judges’ notes and narrowed the list down to 9 winners: Dashmote, SmartPixels, AID:Tech, Gfoundry, Servicelovers, Karma, Tiimo, Tripaya and Toposen.

These startups made their way and presented in front of our final panel of judges, which included: David Schwarz (Carrefour), Pascale Xelot (IBM), Romain Lavault (Partech Ventures), Marina Lhomme (BNP Paribas), Cem Ergün-Müller (Telekom), Karine Faour (Danone group), Antonio Gatti (CEO Lemon Blood), Benjamin Chemla (Avocat & Investor) and David Dayan (showroomprive).

Meet the winners

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Mellow Board (Berlin) — The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into a full on riding machine — within minutes.

SmartPixels (Paris)— Transforming object into screens!

AID:Tech (London) — Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to the distribution of funds and social services by governments and NGOs using blockchain technology.

Gfoundry (Cascais) — The gamification solution for your company.

Servicelovers (Copenhagen)— The Servicelovers app lets consumers rate and comment on service employees, whenever they get good service. It’s not the shop they rate, it’s the employee. Employees get credit for their good work, customers can show gratitude and share service moments on social media, and retailers can monitor service levels in real-time and identify those that deserve recognition.

Karma (Stockholm)— Helps restaurants and grocery stores reduce food waste. Instead of throwing the food away, they can now sell it through Karma. The consumers buy the food directly in our app as take-away and gets high quality food for less.

Tiimo (Copenhagen)— is an app for smartwatches that supports people in need of structure in their everyday lives.

Tripaya (Cascais)— Tell us your budget and interests, we tell you where to go!

Toposen (Berlin) — is the first real 3D ultrasound sensor that will connect the physical to the digital world and provide the low cost system for the retail analytics market.

Congrats to all of the startups that participated!

Special thanks to our Global Sponsor Carrefour, our Funding Partners Lemonblood and Partech Ventures! With their support we are able to help build startup ecosystems around the globe and help enable startups to change the world! A huge thank you to all Local Partners! Without you we couldn’t have done this event and we really appreciate your help!

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