HandsOn.TV is getting a facelift… and much more!

HandsOn.TV, the best video platform to discover, learn and share entrepreneurship-related video content, is launching a brand new interface and features, focusing on improving even more the user experience.

The new platform, completely revamped, puts into light what really interest entrepreneurship lovers. The navigation is much more fluid, enabling a better interaction with the video content, our features, HandsOn.TV’s products and initiatives.

Let’s go over the main changes:

A new interface for a smoother navigation

10 months ago, we went over a complete redesign of our platform. The new interface was much more elaborate and neat than the previous website.


But the results didn’t meet our expectations: however fancy our platform was, the new interface actually damaged the navigability for users.

We wouldn’t take these results for granted and we decided to talk with a few customers. We discovered that the quantity of content available on the homepage’s panel was actually refraining viewers from clicking on any of them.

Too much choice = no choice at all

Another suggestion that emerged was to improve the navigability and search of videos, and to customize the selection of videos for each user.

Sooooooo…. Here the new interface:

Have you noticed all the changes?

First, when you access to the homepage, you now arrive to limited selection of videos, based on the trending videos of the moment and the newest content published on HandsOn.TV.

And that’s not all. Video is a dynamic content format, we wouldn’t just keep a static page. Our amazing art director Caio introduced some interactive touches in the page, have you noticed them?

There is a zooming effect with you hover the mouse over a video that I personally love: it feels like I’m going to plunge in it. And to highlight our features, Caio put them into a nice carousel that displays all the benefits you can get out of them.

In order to ease the navigation on the platform, we added some brand new pages that you can access to from the Explore button:

  • All channels: discover the list of channels you can subscribe to
  • Trending: to help you choose your channels, you can trust the community ;)

And when you’ve subscribed to the channels you like, you can directly access to your personalized selection of videos in the ‘My feed’ section.

Expanding our offer: two new products by the HandsOn.TV team

As you know, we’ve made our mission at HandsOn.TV to spread the entrepreneurship spirit and connect startups ecosystems around the world. Our amazing tech team (Martin and Daniel not to name names) spent the last months developing two great new products to help us fulfill this mission.

From recorded to live videos

Why should we only broadcast recorded videos? Thanks to our HandsOn — Live technology, you can can now attend to all live events about entrepreneurship and interact with conference and speakers all around the world. Check out the red dot on videos or directly access to all coming live events on the Live page.

Connecting startups and investors through our Pitchit! app

We are also giving our final touches to Pitchit!, a pitching app where entrepreneurs worldwide can give and receive feedback, and investors can discover their next investment opportunity.

We just released a beta version, if you want to give it a try, we would love your feedback! And stay tuned for the official launch in a few weeks ;)


So, what do you think about our new website?

What are you waiting for, come on already, join us on HandsOn.TV to benefit from all our awesome features!

And if you want to take part in it (and just because we love you), you can now share your own discoveries with your community and ours and become one of our Content Curator. It also gives you an exclusive access to our HandsOn — Live technology to broadcast startup events you go to or even organize your own live shows.

Wanna give it a try? Create your own channel and start curating videos :)

See you soon on HandsOn.TV!

Rodrigo Barros, CEO @HandsOn.TV