Meet all selected startups to pitch on HandsOn Startup Tour Berlin

For the third consecutive year, the innovative startup competition is skimming through eight European cities to identify the most promising entrepreneurs and propel them to the next level.

Our first stop is Berlin, just because Berlin is a “must” European startup scene. Check all startups we´ve selected to show their passion on the stage!

Zipstrr: One code. your video. our world — record your zip. connect your visions. share it with the universe.

Uvisio: Technology to prevent sun burns and skin cancer.

Taxbutler: Taxbutler is the only App you make your taxreturn only with the Smartphone by fotographing your bills and documents. The App creates automaticly the taxreturn only with the photos.

Toposens: Toposens invented the first real 3D ultrasound sensor that will connect the physical to the digital world amd provide the low cost system for the retail analytics market.

OpenKitchen: Airbnb for food

Wasser Klinik: Do it yourself water test and product recommendation for your drinking water!

Smartwins:SMART WINS developed a new specialization of smart home system. Our objective is to present possibilities of the Internet of Things to be transferred into the digitized drinking water installation.

Mellow Board :The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into a full on riding machine — within minutes.

Choose a city and apply right now:

Copenhagen — Sep 6
Amsterdam — Sep 27
Barcelona — Sep 30
Paris — Oct 4
London — Nov 10
Cascais — Nov 15
Stockholm — Nov 17

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