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The Most Obnoxious Tweet Ever Written

and it wasn’t from a presidential candidate

I found it. I hopped into Twitter tonight and one of the first things I saw was this:

There are so many things about this tweet that are built to bring about a certain… feeling. It’s Greed and Envy and Entitlement all rolled into one.

I’ve been down some roads that you can’t fix with money. Most of us have.

The fact that he initialed his own tweet -GC (like he’s the president) makes it even crazier.

I’ve been 19 and I remember the dudes in the service industry with similar ideologies that had fat stacks. Most of those guys I remember are not doing so hot right now.

I hope the next round of people coming up who are thinking about buying into this type of ideology ask themselves the following question:

When I am rich… will my private plane be so bright, and full of cash, that I will have to wear sunglasses at night because my shirt became one with the sea of cash and melted in a rainbow of determination? If so, will I owe Larry Flynt royalties on the use of his font when referencing his brand?

Grant Cardone, I really didn’t expect more from you. But I am asking more from you now. What is it that this is offering society?

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