An Easy Way to Get Into Action

It’s a precondition that if you want to change the quality of your life that you need to take consistent action. But, how do you do that if you find change to be a problem? After all, it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

If you know what you should do, yet you feel you cannot doing anything about it, if you feel unable to push yourself to make further progress in whatever you are working on and you just cannot get motivated enough to take that other step or action, it is simply because you are not feeling inspired.

The projects or goals that you are working on do not excite you. When you feel uninspired or unexcited you are highly unlikely to take consistent action, or, if you do take some sort of action, you do so begrudgingly, and the end result might not be of high quality.

The thing is, if the objective or goals themselves were inspiring and exciting, you would take action with of ease. If, however, your mind is not geared up to accept such goals, it could be difficult to take consistent, quality action.

When you are in such a position, a reversal in thought is the better action. This is where you take action in order to inspire yourself: where you force your thoughts to match the actions to bring about the desired outcomes. This way you’ll give your mind a bit of a jiggle to ‘wake up’ and help you pursue your objective or goal.

After much thought, I have found three simple ways that you can jiggle your mind to go after your goal with inspired action that alters your current way of thinking. I did these three steps myself not that long ago. They work and definitely got me excited for more change:

  1. Practice change. Change a few routines here and there in your life. Start by taking a different route to and from work, putting on your left shoe first for a change, dine at a different bar or restaurant, try out different foods. If you find it hard at the beginning, begin with small changes.

2. Practice knowledge. Learn a new skill, craft, language, musical instrument, take some dance lessons. Make it a point to get out and grow. If it’s something you enjoy, it will spark some enthusiasm into your life, and also some inspiration to think in new and empowering ways.

3. Practice creation. Do you have a hobby you would like to get back to or start? Well, now’s the time to do it. If you have that novel burning within you, write it. If you have the desire to paint, or work with wood, do so. If you enjoy taking nature photos, get out there and take them. Bring to life the sleeping, inactive juices within you.

Every time you jiggle yourself by getting into inspired action, you will feel good, you will have fun, and your whole attitude will change. In fact, your attitude will catch up to and match your actions. What a great reversal strategy to get you into action to change your life.

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