Feel That Fear Disappear

I ran into a long lost friend at a local library a few days ago. We went through the usual pleasantries until we hit a particular sore spot. My friend said something that surprised me. I remember thinking that that wasn’t like him at all.

Mario, my friend, looked kind of sheepishly at his shoes and quietly said, “Have you ever wanted to do something, got excited, stood up all pumped and ready to go ahead and do it, but you froze at the last minute, where you stood in your place bringing up all the excuses why you cannot do what you intended to do?”

“Sure,” I replied. “It happens to many of us. You have just described the number one killer to doing the things you want.”


“Yes. Do you want to know what the killer is?” Mario nodded. “Well, it’s fear. That’s what stopped you. It’s what froze you.”

We spoke about fear for a little while, amongst other things, and then went on our separate ways. On my way home, I reflected on that word. Fear. What a horrible, life stalling four-letter word it is.

We all feel it from time to time as it brings us to a complete halt when we are trying to achieve something. When we feel scared or fearful we do not feel confident, we do not feel we’re up to the challenge. We feel weak, not good enough.

Then I remembered the statement: “What you fear will appear!” What powerful words. Read it again. And how about this analogy:

F — False
E — Evidence
A — Appearing
R — Real

If I remember right, we were born with two fears — fear of falling and fear of noise. The rest we made up as we progressed through life. So what do you do? How do you deal with fear? Instead of focusing on your fear, focus instead on the great outcome that you want. Keep focusing on it with emotional intensity and the fear will go.

Walk through that fear that you created in your own mind with intentional empowering thoughts, and feel that fear disappear.

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