Self Improvement: Are You An Eternal Student Of Self Improvement?

Before we delve into why self improvement is critical in your life, I want you to seriously think about these questions: Are you happy with your present life? Do you want to change your life? How desperate are you to improve upon your current life situation? How badly do you really want to live differently?

Now, the real two questions: Have you devoured any of the self improvement products, and, despite that having done that, your life looks the same, or has it improved just a little? Which brings me to the last question: Are you an eternal student of self improvement?

Being a student is great. However, graduating and making full use of your learning is even better as it brings you closer to the things you desire or choose to have in your life. As a student, you read, listened to and watched some self improvement books, CDs and DVDs, and you may have also attended seminars and courses believing that you will be successful in turning your life around.

While it is great to study, learn and grow, unless you take action on the materials that you have studied, you will remain where you are; your life will be no different. It’s of no use to you to be a self improvement junkie; collecting as many products as you can.

The key step forward is for you to take consistent action based on the wealth of information that you’ve gathered.

Being an eternal student can only take you so far; you’ll be armed with knowledge. But knowledge alone has its limits. If you’re not making use of the gems of information you collected you will remain stationary. You need to make a determined effort to take action on something that you learned. For example, you read these words: ‘If you write down your dreams, you will have 100% greater chance of living those dreams, but, if you don’t, you will have only a 1 in 10 chance of manifesting them.’ When you read such a powerful message, stop. Think about what dreams you have and write them down.

Now you’ve taken action, although small. What would happen if you were to take one small action toward one of your dreams every day? How much closer to it would you be in three months? Realize that the potential for you to achieve your dream is here; it only takes action and determination to make it happen.

Learning alone will not change your life; reading a book or listening to a nine CD self improvement program will do very little for you. It is imperative that you apply all that you learn to your everyday life. What you learn tells you that you can change your life, action allows you to make that change possible.

Commit to finding opportunities to put into action what you are learning and you will be pleasantly surprised how your action steps gain momentum. Begin today by reading a self improvement book. Highlight the important sentences or paragraphs, those that you particularly liked, that you found profound and helpful, inspiring even. Go another step and write them down in your journal and take action on them one step at a time.

You could start off with thirty minutes or an hour a day and gradually increase that time as your newly found ‘taking action’ habit begins to take hold. Nurture this self improvement action and permit it to become a habit that you cherish. There is no stopping you on your journey to self improvement success when you adopt the action habit. Allow the eternal student to graduate and enter the world of action and manifestation.

Change Your Life In One Hour A Day

We all know that we have to set goals so that we may live our dream life. Yet, somewhere between striving to achieve our goals and living our current life, our goals seem to end up on the shelf, gradually collecting a mountain of dust until they are completely forgotten.

The typical routine of our daily lives take over: working long hours at the office, and, worse yet, bringing work home, then we help our children with their homework, we spend time with our spouse, visit friends. It’s no wonder our goals remain on the side line. We become far too busy treading the water of life to spend any time working on improving our lives by working on our goals.

The challenge you may face in wanting to improve on your life is not only tackling the limiting and negative beliefs and habits that you currently have, but the challenge of being able to schedule any time to work on your goals; especially your self improvement goals. You need to work on reducing or eliminating those negative beliefs and habits, and to have the time to consistently take action on your actual life goals.

In other words, you want to change, you have made that decision to do so and you lined up the self improvement programs that you want to follow, and you set your goals, yet life holds up its ugly hand and prevents you from taking any consistent action.

Your daily life takes over; it halts any progression. Not only that, life may halt you altogether. The desire to change and improve your life will be in direct conflict with the other important aspects of your life: your family, your personal needs and your work.

Most of your time and energy is spent on staying alive: working hard to make ends meet, paying the bills, nurturing family relationships. That leaves you very little time to focus on your goals. And even when you do have the time, you may find yourself too tired or unmotivated to take any action. Staying alive, yet again, has postponed any chances of you improving on your life.

This staying alive-ness has the terrible knack, the incredible capacity to stop your dreams from ever happening; it can bury your dreams.

There is a way around this.

If your desire to change your life is greater than the need to continue simply staying alive, you will need to forgo some of your time. The sacrifice is truly worth it if you genuinely want an enhanced lifestyle. If you truly want to start your own business, move to a larger home, own a luxury car, whatever your goal is, rather than having the staying-alive life dictating how you spend your time, burying one dream after the next, you will need to come up with a plan that can allow you to own your time; where you can dive into your self improvement habit in a productive way.

It is essential that you control time and do not allow time to control you. How can you do that? Easy! Wake up an hour earlier before anyone else. Be prepared to review your self improvement goals and to take action. Start off by spending twenty minutes meditating, visualizing and affirming your goals. Then spend the remaining forty minutes taking specific actions towards your goals — the actions that you planned the night before.

It might be difficult at first to wake up an hour earlier, but as your desire to succeed prevails over any feelings of no motivation, of lack of eagerness, your enthusiasm to succeed will eventually overshadow your need for sleep. This will gradually gain momentum, and you will find pleasure in waking up early as you will become aware of all the progress, all the self improvement that you are making. In time, the situations in life will be parallel with your goals.

If you find yourself in a predicament where you are too busy staying alive, struggling to get ahead in life, you will undoubtedly find waking up one hour earlier every day, including weekends, a massive step toward creating the life you want and living the life of your dreams.

Make that decision to wake up one hour earlier. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you could do when you wake up motivated, highly charged to change the direction of your life. Stop being a self improvement junkie, collector, and become a self improvement skilled specialist; proficient at becoming the kind of person you choose to become.

And it all starts with one hour a day.

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