Weight Loss Exercise Goal: Why Your Beliefs Are Stopping You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Exercise Goal

You have a weight loss exercise goal that you are eager to achieve, and yet, despite all of your efforts, that goal is still eluding you. Why do you suppose that is so?

Let’s go back a bit and let me ask you this question: Do you think it actually matters what you believe about your weight loss exercise goal? Allow me to ask this question in a different way: Does it matter what your beliefs are when it comes to achieving your weight loss exercise goal?

The answer is an indisputable, undeniable, irrefutable yes!

Your beliefs direct your life!

They shape your life; they shape your financial life, your career or business success, your personal and professional relationships, your health and well-being, your weight loss exercise goal, and all remaining areas.

In fact, the way you are living your life right now is shaped and directed by the beliefs that you are holding

Having said that, have you ever sat and pondered what beliefs you may have? Those beliefs that are responsible for running your life, on automatic, irrespective of whether they are limiting, sabotaging or enhancing beliefs?

If you have never, ever wondered and analyzed your core, fundamental beliefs, you should. In fact, you must. It is essential that you do.

You see, your outlook on your world stems from your belief system; you see what you believe. You look at and accept the world from your beliefs system. If you are not achieving all that you are after, if you are not achieving your weight loss exercise goal, the first step should be to unmask, unveil your belief system.

Then, once identified, meet them head-on. Tackle those core, fundamental beliefs, one by one, and set on eliminating them, reducing their effect, or, better yet, completely changing them by instilling the sort of enhancing beliefs that will help you manifest all that you are seeking; that will help you manifest your weight loss exercise goal.

You might be surprised to realize that most of your beliefs are either lies or beliefs that you attained from other people. And, in time, you have allowed those beliefs to become your belief system; you have allowed other people’s ideas, or beliefs (their beliefs) to run your life.

They are beliefs that you gained or collected as you progressed through life. You sucked in beliefs like a sponge, particularly when you were a child: perhaps from your parents, friends, teachers, books, movies, preachers, magazines, and so on. And those beliefs have become the way you see, understand and interpret the world, your world.

You make your daily decisions, your reactions, your behaviors and actions based upon those beliefs; those beliefs that were mostly not yours in the first place.

It is important that you realize that most of your beliefs are disrupting, sabotaging or interfering with your aspirations and your weight loss exercise goal. Also note your beliefs are mostly not based on facts or reality. They are not based on truth or actuality, but on perceptions and views.

Some of these beliefs that you hold may be helpful, while the majority may be unfavorable and damaging. A common belief is, “I am not good enough.” Many people have been told that statement when they were young, perhaps by their parents, teachers or teased by their friends.

This belief, even though they heard it while they were young, has the power and potential to keep them stuck where they are now. Whatever they attempt to do, they will probably fail, simply because they have this belief that they are ‘not good enough’. As if that were true!

That belief is utter rubbish. It is not true.

Think about it this way, if you couldn’t draw a car when you were younger and you were told you’re not good enough by your teacher, what has that got to do with running your own business at the age of twenty-five? What has that got to do with your weight loss exercise goal? What has that got to do with the way you hold a presentation, with the way you dance the Samba, with what you eat?

In theory, nothing.

But you held on to that belief that you are ‘not good enough’. You held on to it as if it were true in most areas of your life. It has unconsciously held you back from having, doing or becoming what you want.

Remember, your beliefs, at least the vast majority of them, are utter lies. Your beliefs are lies. Certainly a very high percentage of them are lies, yet they stubbornly reign over our lives. The limiting belief “I am not good enough” must be eliminated from your subconscious mind and must be replaced with a self-enhancing belief, so you may move forward and become the successful person that you want to be; move forward so you may remain motivated to achieve your weight loss exercise goal.

Want to know one way to challenge and eliminate a limiting belief? I learned this a while ago. It works and is a lot of fun.

When you notice you have a limiting belief, blow it out of proportion. That’s right, totally blow it out of proportion. For example, the belief that “I’m not good enough” can be blown out of proportion by saying, “Yeah, sure, I’m not good enough to drive two cars at once. Imagine me with four legs, stretching my legs from one car, through the doors and into the other car. My four arms, with two stretching from one car to the next and onto the steering wheel. Yeah, that’s a laugh. When I see another car in front of me, the wheels of my two cars get so big I drive over the car without damaging my cars, and everyone is cheering me on, admiring my monster car….”

You get the idea. Now, you can use your own imagination and exaggerate the belief that is preventing you from reaching your weight loss exercise goal, and blow it totally out of proportion. Use your creativity and exaggerate it as much as you can; have fun with it, enjoy it, have a good laugh.

This way you give the limiting belief much less power. You ridicule it out of existence. When you keep doing this method, any time you say or think, “I’m not good enough”, the sabotaging belief will disappear; it will evaporate and vanish out of your life.

Try that tip on all your limiting beliefs, if you want to, as and when they crop up. Enjoy yourself as you exaggerate them, and enjoy your life. Have a go. Have fun with it.

By the way, did you know it is your mind dictating your weight?

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