Boundaries — Guide to finding your passion

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why we all need healthy boundaries, taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, while NOT taking responsibility for the actions or emotions of others. This article made perfect sense for me, and I thought that having a boundary problem might lead people to struggle in finding their true passion in life.

The author, Mark Manson, made his point very clear on “the importance of maintaining healthy personal boundaries” with the rationale in the most direct manner.

I chose these two digital story evaluation traits, ‘Content understanding’ and ‘Sense of audience’, to review the article because of its well-thought-out and thought-provoking approaches for all audiences.

Let’s talk about ‘thought-provoking.’ Mark emphasized that it’s impossible to take a step forward to get what we really want in life, when we are playing the victim. Once I said to myself, “I want to be a visual designer at a decent company, but it’s impossible because of the stupid immigration laws in the U.S.” I felt like a victim. However, the truth was that I didn’t want to take responsibilities for my own emotions, ‘feeling behind’ and ‘not good enough.’ To pursue my passion, I had to learn how to be responsible for my emotions instead of blaming others. I had to reset my boundaries and work harder to find my true passion.

Mark nailed the concept that what weak boundaries can do to people. His content understanding was absolutely clear, and it led me to find the link between self-esteem and pursuing one’s passion. We play the victim and make up all excuses why we are not able to pursue our passions. Don’t we? Is our low self esteem the hidden roadblock to a full life?

Although Mark is a very considerate writer, sometimes he is very honest and not afraid to show the ugly truth about the human mind. His sense of audience is extraordinary. His honesty and charisma pull the audience’s emotions as well as capture the audience’s attention.

I think the article is beautifully written and so smart. There is really anything that I can add/change. It could be interesting if he could share some movie clips that are good examples of poor boundaries.

Here is a movie clip from ‘Wild’ that represents two people who have strong and poor boundaries. Who is happier and following one’s passion in life with no regret?