Connecting with Connectivism

Technology is altering (rewiring) our brains. The tools we use define and shape our thinking. - George Siemens

Although the role of technology is very influential, I would still believe that technology is just one of methods that is altering our brains these days. I think that human needs and desires actually define what technology should be today rather than technology itself is altering our brains.

The quote might be accurate in some cases, but the concept of humanity first has been merged into technology these days especially in education, and user centered design (UCD) is one of examples. UCD is focused on learning about human behaviors and feelings rather than injecting ideas into human brains.

Our thinking is actually shaping various tools and design. For example, interviewing individuals/groups and designing personas based on findings from interview series are essential for instructional design in my course development team at work. Our team is motivated by humans, not tools.

Social media and social networking are evolving rapidly because companies pay attention to human needs and feelings more and more. Companies understand how powerful user centered approach in social media and social networking can be for increasing revenue. They might be started its service with not so user centered approach, but they are getting more influence by users wants and needs to improves their service and interface.

I believe that technology can be a great tool to help and support humanity today.