Future of storytelling - Vine

Has Vine captured your attention yet? If not, you are about to explore Vine, a powerful tool of creating looping videos. I must start with talking about a movie, Chef. Chef is a 2014 comedy-drama film. The movie could be seen as one lengthy advertisement for Twitter and Vine because of its role and importance in the movie. I was impressed by how Jon Favreau utilized Twitter and Vine as storytelling methods in the movie and, in addition, to promote the film in real world. Chef is a good example of bridging gap between audience and film using social media.

In the movie, among demanding daily tasks, using Vine seemed painless, yet very efficient for chefs. Here is a link to a commercial page on Vine for the movie, Chef.

The bottom line is that Vine is so easy to learn and use. Its seamless user interface helps users to understand the instruction effortlessly. It was surprising to me that how quick and easy creating and a looping-video was. Sharing it, of course, was even easier. Vine had many different features, but I love a feature of mixing and collaborating video with audio. The sky is the limit for your creativity.

Your profile page will allow you to categorize and save videos you love. For example, I am interested in art, music and DIY so I click ‘like’ button on each videos to save it on Vine and view again later. I can also share videos on my social networking accounts and send links to myself or friends via email.

Don’t hesitate to share your story and don’t be afraid to express yourself in a 6 seconds looping-video. The world is changing faster than ever, and we need meaningful and efficient ways to communicate with other human beings to learn and grow together.

Human beings are inherently endowed with the power to bring the best possible results from the worst possible circumstances. - Daisaku Ikeda