How to win over your audience

‘The power of passion’ is one of my most favorite TED-ED Talks EVER. Richard St. John, a success analyst, speaker and author, delivered a phenomenal talk about finding passion at a TED conference in 2006. It’s always been such a confidence boost about who I am every time I watch. I highly recommend you to watch if you haven’t seen it yet!

A young Bill Gates

Great stories come from effort-consuming research. Richard is one great example. He spent ten years researching over 500 extraordinarily successful people in many fields what helped them succeed. He fully understood the subject and look the subject through the lens of passion. This is why his talk is so clear, compelling, thorough and charismatic. He wasn’t just talking but spoke from the heart.

I have seen many TED Talks that I found it somewhat awkward or boring. Their subjects wasn’t the problem, but it was about the presenter’s attitude towards their own subject. The attitude of confidence plays a big role in presenting with proper tone, creativity, originality, length, audience consideration. Apparently, Richard came up with an interesting agenda, sharing examples and finding possible solutions to problems, to back up his idea and communicate with his audience effectively.

Relevant and interesting talking points are necessity when you communicate with people. Planning your talking points will help any situation you are in including debate, public speech, small group conversation, etc. Richard was following through his talking points seamlessly, and showing its progression or those talking points made his speech outstanding.

One thing I would like to add is using different types of visual aids. such as video, audio, etc. I find TED Talks that utilize subject-related video clips very interesting. It holds the audience’s attention without fail. I’d love to see the real conversation between Richard and successful person that was recorded in their interview. The audience would appreciate the excitement and consideration.

Are you ready to win over your audience now? I am!