My response — Sharing powerful ideas in education

My main takeaway was that audio can be an effective and creative act for students in classroom. And remixing music and producing a podcast can be great tools in teaching. I’m familiar with only visual based softwares like Adobe ‘photoshop’, ‘illustrator’, and ‘Aftereffect’ for video editing, so it was mentally challenging to learn new technology related to audio at first.

I always wanted to learn how Podcasts work. It was a great opportunity to learn how to produce it step by step. I totally agree that podcasting can be a vehicle for teaching powerful ideas. We sometimes feel pressured to go with the wide & shallow learning rather than the narrow & deep learning. I wonder if our education system encourages students to use powerful ideas as tools in their thinking today. I hope that students understand one powerful idea fully rather than have 1000 shallow ideas.

I have been mainly focused on using visual elements in storytelling. Although I believe that visual elements are still the most important in learning, I wish I could learn and use more audio elements in various educational projects I’ve worked on. Honestly, I paid less attention to using audio elements in storytelling. It made me think that I wasn’t open minded enough. I definitely learned that using background music, sound, narration and mixing all together appropriately can be a game changer in learning.

Now I’m curious about how a radio channel can be used in learning. What if classmates work together and run a radio channel? Would it be a great tool to share powerful ideas?

Check out this article, ‘Why Amateur Radio in the Classroom?’