An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent article.

As a die-hard Pokemon fan from the moment it came out (my first game was Pokemon Yellow too), I must say that you, Yang Liu, speak for me and for the rest of the fans out there.

Your words are backed up by facts, but the strength of this article is that they come from the heart. I personally did not try Pokevision but could tell just by reading this article that its inception stems from good will and a desire to help the players.

I hope that, regardless of the profits and ratings standings, Niantic at least take note of the sheer passion and love for Pokemon that drove you to write this article. I hope that if the tracking feature doesn’t get fixed, they at least understand the pain of Pokemon Go fans that want to see this game make it and succeed and fulfill its potential and stay at the top.

Because Pokemon was and will always be a growing part of us. Pokemon Go just made it more explicit and expressive to others.



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