The new Star Wars is really important for humans

I don’t know if this is a spoiler or not, so spoiler alert if you absolutely want to avoid any clues about anything in the new movie.

The next hero of the franchise is a girl. And it’s just this really normal thing in the movie, and she is an awesome character. This is amazing. I can’t think of another male dominated chain that has handed over the lead to a female. Not just a sidekick to the hero, but THE HERO.

Even better, they’ve cast an unknown, Daisy Ridley, as the hero. She is brilliant, portraying only strength. Even when she is fearful, she is still strong.

Girls need role models that aren’t princesses. Frozen was great, with there being 2 sisters as the protagonists, without needing the love of a man to be strong and overcome their difficulties. But they were still princesses.

It’s been striking me lately how often humans see someone else doing something, which makes us think, “hey, I could do that too.” Not all educational philosophies acknowledge just how much humans learn from observation. It’s a big part of Japanese culture. I remember a friend telling me that in Japan, she took flower arranging classes. For the first several classes, she was not allowed to do anything; the teacher barely even acknowledged her. She was simply to sit and observe all the other students learning and practising. After several lessons of only observation, she was allowed to start trying it herself. Of course, she had learned a great deal from her observations.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks Hollywood for finally believing in women, and here’s to it becoming less of a “thing” to have a female hero for us to point it out and discuss it. It should just be normal. Go Star Wars!

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