Paper Prototype App in 3 days

The Assignment

Anna McSweeney, Cycling Extraordinaire

Design an interactive paper prototype that addresses a problem for the client

Client’s Problem

Anna wants to go for fitness bike rides but doesn’t know which route to take. When she has tried other applications such as Google Maps, it took her through muddy trails, she got lost and she was led to busy streets.

Design Solution
Route Me is a user rated and user reviewed bicycle route app. You can design the routes you want by choosing the distance, location and scenery. Route Me lets the user choose how hard the routes should be-fitness, leisure, etc. Route me uses data sourcing to pick the most popular routes and each bike route has the option to review and rate.

3 day sprint

Methods and Tools
User interviews, concept mapping, participatory design, user flows, task analysis, storyboards, competitor analysis, sketching, user testing, user feedback and interactive prototyping.

Research Phase

Anna’s Bike Route Problem
During my interview with Anna, we reached the conclusion that frustration with the ease of finding and following new bike routes was Anna’s biggest problem.

Through concept mapping, we discussed what were the necessary app features to solve Anna’s problem and what were Anna’s desired features. We concluded that the most important aspect of the app was to simply find and suggest routes to Anna. Her desired deatures included being able to read reviews of routes, keep track of her own fitness accomplishments and discover new locations.

In order to understand the problem better, I created a story board for Anna’s problem at the present moment in time.

This is Anna. She loves to bike to be more healthy and active. She wakes up many mornings wanting to go for a bike ride…So she uses Google Maps and looks for bike trails. Google’s bike routes- being computer generated and not user reviewed- takes Anna through swampy trails where she has to carry her bike- not good when you’re trying to get in a good work out! Time is wasted and she still doesn’t know of any new trails-only trails that aren’t biker friendly routes-with stop signs, pedestrians and street lights.

We discussed what would happen if Anna couldn’t find a location to bike, a route to follow, or have friends who could help; She doesn’t go for a bike ride! This is where Route Me would come into handy.

Combining the information I collected through creating and discussing the concept map, story board and task analysis with Anna, we found that her three main problems with bike routes are not knowing

1. Locations (London, Surrey Hills, etc.)
2. Trail Routes (for fitness -with minimal stops or for leisure-with more stops, etc.)
3. The specifics of those trails (3.0 miles, 4 star hardness, 4 star rating,etc.)

This led me to the idea that Anna needed a bike route finder (and maker) that she could easily customize to her own unique specifications, save her favorite routes and easily view others favorite routes.

After analyzing competitors and discussing currently available bike apps with other avid bikers, I came to the conclusion that there is no other app on the market that let’s you customize your bike route or follow bike routes that others have shared (as of January 24, 2016).

So… let’s get designing!

Participatory design: Initial Sketches and User Flows

Anna and I discussed various concepts of how the design should be layed out. She verbalized that she wanted to be asked the question “Where do you want to go?” at the beginning (like on AirBnb). I created the initial sketch of the user flow.

Prototype and User Testing

I created a paper prototype and began testing users.

After testing, I found that adding a map would be helpful for bikers to view where existing routes are located-they can scan the map and click on an area with pre-existing routes.

I found that many people were not clicking the filter button, so I plan to make the filter button bigger and in the center of the screen.

I found that including external information in the app (such as weather conditions) wouldn’t prove as useful and that users wanted to investigate the weather patterns themselves.

Based on Anna’s feedback I made several changed to the initial sketches, including refining some of the icons to make them more intuitive and simplifying some of the actions.

Clickable Prototype

Click below to view my clickable prototype!

The Future

In the future, I want to add an estimate of how many miles is considered a “leisure ride” and how many miles is considered a “fitness ride” to help clarify the search.

I plan to add more filters- like how many miles and what scenery is preferred.

Using GPS locations services, I will add a create your own route option which will track routes you create and will be able to find existing routes in your area.

Users will be able to view your route history, saved route likes, follow people and share routes with others.

I will also add an AVG MPH feature which let’s the user know his average speed and how many miles he or she has biked.

Thank you for reading!

Please contact me with comments or questions!

Hannah Lee