Notes from Reading

Intersystem communication should be via a service interface.

Microservices + Messaging systems


  • local queue or global queue
  • message consume and lost
  • service-based approaches significantly increased the probability of you getting paged at 2am when one or more services go down.
  • Organizing into services taught teams not to trust each other in most of the same ways they’re not supposed to trust external developers
  • Applications became platforms and building platforms is hard.

Fault-tolerant Messaging Systems



What is CDRs?

Call Data Record provide information about calls made over a handset.

A CDR provides metatdata — data about data — on how a specific phone number and/or user is utilizing the phone system. This metadata typically includes:

  • when the call took place (timestamp — timzone)
  • how long the call lasted (call duration in mins)
  • who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)




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