These Off-Beat Culinary YouTubers Will Inspire You to Make Dinner

Your new favorite culinary YouTube channels are all fun and games.

Binging with Babish: Pasta Aglio e Olio from “Chef”

You’ve seen cooking YouTube channels from professionals with the intent to teach dishes in a traditional Food Network style like those of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, and Byron Talbott. But recent makers catching the eyes of the everyday YouTube watcher are taking a different approach.

Andrew Rhea’s series Binging with Babish revolves around creating notable dishes from television and movies. The combination of popular culture interest, beautiful camerawork and clever deadpan humor keeps viewers coming back for seconds. His formula is simple: a clip of the famous food TV scene, and a run-through of the recipe itself. This series has me wanting to binge both in the kitchen and my Netflix queue.

If you go into You Suck at Cooking’s channel expecting more comedy and less cooking how-to, you’re ready to go. The show is a perfectly done satire of a cooking show with snappy editing, funny scripting, the occasional song and small nuances that carry through the series. The anonymous man behind the channel has earned millions of views and the attention of late night TV host Jimmy Fallon. Comedy aside, the food he makes isn’t always beautiful, but it is easy to follow along and reminds me of food someone’s big brother would teach them to make. I recommend starting from the beginning, working your way up, and waiting with the rest of us for the next second Tuesday of the month.

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