Photo Focus: Stargazing

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art Lens
Settings: ISO 2500, 24mm, f/1.6 at 13 sec exposure
Location: Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia
Photographer: Tom Sue-Yek
Date taken: January 6, 2016

Australian photographer Tom Sue-Yek’s photograph of the Milky Way (shown above) proves that sometimes it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. He tells Bokeh that anyone can replicate his shot of the Milky Way and once you’re in the right location, setup for this type of photo shouldn’t take long.

Of course, no photo is without a story — While out shooting a timelapse, Tom realised they’d coincidentally parked right underneath a barely visible cluster of stars.

In desperate need of height, Tom perched on the roof of his friend’s car to capture the image pictured in his mind’s eye — I need friends who would let me do that!

The time-lapse photo being taken while Tom was standing on the roof of the car

The main challenge to get the photo, other than standing still for long enough, was not having Wi-Fi on the 5D to trigger the shot. This meant a lot of climbing on and off the car to check each photo taken. “Because of the time and where we were, the roof had a tonne of dew building up on it, it was a bit slippery for my liking!” he said about the experience.

“Funnily enough, I felt a lot safer on the roof of the car after we turned around and saw a horse running dangerously close to a small broken fence!”

To get photos like these, you’ll need a bit of practice. Tom credits his friend Jordan Condon (and Google) with teaching him how to shoot astro-photography and night-lapses.

Tom’s day job is working for a major television network in Australia so he shoots photos for fun (and after hours!). “My passion is shooting live music. It’s so unpredictable, fast, hot and sweaty and loud! But there’s so much material to work with! You’re really pushed to your limits to not miss a moment… so this [shoot] was a bit of a change for me.”

Live music photos taken by Tom Sue-Yek

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When you get tired, you can always sit on the car

All photos used with permission.

Originally published on Bokeh.