NBS’s Freshmen Orientation Camp 2016

Yes, it is the time of the year — I’M FINALLY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.

Being on a holiday for almost 9 months, I am finally going to school!! Just came back from my camp which was held on 1st August to 4th August, while the NBS Welcome Day 2016 was held on 4th August to 5th August.

NBS had 4 different camps to choose from. I chose to attend “Inflammare” because I felt I am more suitable for it? The other 3 camps are mainly all games, including pool day and beach day. But Inflammare was more on the serious note as they include company visits, workshops on presentations as well as volunteering! The service learning component caught my eye when I was still in the process of making a decision to choose which camp. I was really glad that I entered into Inflammare!

Received a call from my CGL 1.5 weeks before the camp officially starts, and was informed that I am in “Bumblebee” under the “Lightning Guild”, so yes our guild color is YELLOW. I have a disliking towards Yellow ever since I saw how Yellow is so “weird” on school PE t-shirts. Also, it is very difficult to match yellow shirts with our shorts/pants. We were told to film ourselves acting like a Bumblebee and I’m like — “how in the world am i going to do that” It was then when I googled the characteristics of a bumblebee, like legit.

Last week of July was relatively busy for me, and I didn’t have much time to prepare for the camp, so I was rushing when it was 30th July. I had to make sure I have everything as according to the camp pack list and etc. Yes, I didn’t manage to film the bumblebee video until in the early morning on 1st August where I just rushed the video before leaving to assemble at Jurong Point.

I am not going to elaborate on everything that we did during the 4 days of camp, but rather highlight a few main events. We went to company visits on Day 2 and it was rather enriching. The first visit was to “Linkedin” and the working environment was really “chilled and relaxed”. The view of the sea from the office on the 30th floor at the Marina Bay Financial Tower was breathtaking, no joke. Their pantry is really great, having their own buffet and snacks bar as well as having their own private chef. There are games room where they allow employees to chill and play during their office hours. The second visit was split among the Double Degree, Biz, Acc students. Biz students went to make a visit to OCBC Bank @ Orchard Gateway (one of their flagship stores with all types of banking services in 1 store) while Acc students went to EY. Honestly, the visit to OCBC Bank wasn’t enriching ENOUGH. I felt it was more of aggressive advertising where they kept on promoting about their FRANK cards. They didn’t brought us in and allow us to understand MORE, but rather most of the time is for students to sign up for FRANK at their store, so meh.

Day 3 was more of water games. In the morning, we had pool games. My OG has 22 freshies, but only 12 of us went into the water. It was actually quite fun, more fun as what I thought. I am glad that I jumped into the pool of 2.0m deep even though I did not know how to swim. It was also then, when I start to trust in life jackets because I thought they were useless beforehand. I didn’t do the confidence jump because it was honestly intimidating to me. I was in tears and my legs were shaking when I was just staring at them jumping into the water, i’m like — how in the world you guys jump from this height ohno. But I am grateful to this senior — Theresa, who kept on talking to me and trying to make me laugh. She’s really fun to be with, to be honest.

For those who went into the pool didn’t get to bathe and we just washed ourselves a little, and went for lunch. Our hair and swimwear just got dried naturally with the rather strong sun in that afternoon. After lunch, we did some cheers practicing and went to proceed on guild games, which was quite fun but messy at the same time (i feel). The guild games carried on for around 3 hours under the sun, and we were all wearing our OG singlets. I was burnt really badly from the sun, tanned lines are really obvious. (I was like a red prawn for the next 2 days, with my arms, legs and face all red) Nevertheless, it was fun!

I didn’t manage to go for the workshops, because I wasn’t informed that I have to bring my formal wear. (FYI, I went home every night and go back to school the next morning as I was unable to sleep on the ground in school due to the injury on my lower back.) Therefore, feeling sick from the hot sun and pain from my injury on the lower back due to the games, I went home earlier. I heard the workshops were tiring for them, because it was back-to-back. But I guess I didn’t miss much from the workshops, hearing what they described.

Day 4 aka the final day was the most fun for me. In the morning, we did service learning, so we brought K1/K2 kids around our school and play games with them. My kid was a small cute K2 girl with super chubby cheeks, and she’s really obedient and quiet. But when it comes to playing games, she participated fully, and I am so proud of her!! People say I look like I am experienced in looking after kids, but no. She was actually the first kid that I look after despite volunteering with kids before in J1. It was sad when we had to separate after 3 hours, she was a really smart and cute girl!

We had to prepare for our finale performance, and some of us didn’t manage to participate in the sexy dance because honestly, It was so hard for us. I couldn’t even do a proper wave. You want to rate my flexibility? It is ZERO. HAHAHA but we did the mass dance and did alot of cheers.

The finale performance was really great, at least for our OG. We went really crazy and went all in when we were doing our cheer. I was shouting and jumping around during the cheer, and I am glad that it ended on a great note.

I made a lot of new friends as well as seniors. My CGL, GLs and SAs are really approachable and helpful seniors. It was great talking to them! Honestly, I am starting to miss my OG as well as seniors HAHAHA Didn’t know I will feel this way.

There are many seniors that are really friendly and helpful to us, especially this senior that I was really comfortable with within the camp. She gives off the 姐姐 vibes. She isn’t one of the GLs but rather one of the SAs who took care of us really well. They ensure the welfare of our OG and ensure that everyone is well. She’s a really great and funny senior (I don’t know how much I can emphasise on this). But there are some seniors when they felt intimidating at first, but she’s really friendly from the start. After hearing that I had an injury, during the games, she always made sure that I play it really careful. There was once that the game was dangerous, and I chose to play because I didn’t want to pull the group down. (It was a group of 4 with 2 guys and 2 girls, since we were split). She kept on asking if I am able to play the game, and I kept telling her that I can. Ended up, I didn’t manage to play the game because she kind of “don’t allow me to” and told the guys to play instead of the 2 girls. Also, I was carrying my very burdensome bag around (that black converse bag I always carry) and it was rather heavy since I brought some clothes to change out of. Then, she insisted on carrying that burdensome bag for me.

Sometimes, she’s not with us for the entire day. Like she suddenly appears and disappears, HAHAHA. We chatted when we were having our meals sometimes, and when we were walking from 1 place to another. But, we were always interrupted by someone else and we couldn’t always finish what we were trying to say. ALWAYS. So it was quite sian *roll eyes* HAHAHA I really hope that I could get close to this senior as I predict we need to approach our seniors a lot for at least Year 1 Semester 1.

Overall, it was a really unforgettable camp for us and I hope that our OG can continute to stay bonded by meeting up for lunches and dinners!

NBS Welcome Day 2 was really fun, we get to meet our classmates where most of our modules have the same timings. The group is really big so we split into small groups. Managed to make friends with a few, and we were joking around and making fun of each other already after 1 hour!!! Glad that I had such friendly and funny friends. Hope the rest of my classmates are really friendly as well HAHAHA. Glad that Da Ling (from JJ) and Yuan Deng (from the same OG) to be in the same group as me!!


Okay I need to prepare for my seminars for next week already — need to read up on lecture slides and notes. Till next time!!!

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