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I write because my mom told me so.

When I was 10-something, my mom said i have potentials in writing (and simply just talking), that I could be a reporter. She was not that serious, but I took it very seriously. It’s probably one of the few suggestions I took from my mom.

I have a transition question before I move to the second one.

Why do I write in English? It’s my second language, and it’s not like a second language to a Latin language, but Chinese, a completely different one. I moved to the states last August, I write in English because want to force myself to be comfortable writing in English, be comfortable living in a English-speaking country, and actually be involved in the culture. So far it works well.

Why Medium? I found it myself. There are lots of passionate writers and awesome reads. UX is super simple. Here you can care nothing else but writing.

Thanks for the question!

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