Freedom to Fail

I am a senior at Noblesville high school. Top 10% of my class, plenty of extra curricular activities under my belt. College seems a definite certainty in my future. Quite honestly, however, standard education grows tiresome. I am tired of letting my self be defined as a number. Of being caught up in the all consuming game of class rank and GPA. Of letting self worth become a number on a paper which tells me how well I can regurgitate information. For so long I’ve been absorbing skills and information, I want to do something with it.

I want to use my passion for people and the world and solve some problems. Or fail trying. For so long, failure has been a terrible fear of mine. I refuse to let myself fail at anything. And it has hindered my self from trying so many things. This year in Mr. Wettrick’s innovations class, I want to let my self learn how to fail, and how to grow. Wish me luck.

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