Innovations Update

So far in my innovation’s class, fellow classmate and dear friend Katie and I have decided to start a podcast about woman’s issues. The podcast recently named Its Complicated: An American Teenage Girl Perspective on All Things Female, will have its first episode recorded the first week of November. We have begun talking to various potential guests including Carrie Lively, a counselor at Noblesville High school who started a girls group for students at the school. She will talk in our first episode about body image. Over the past two weeks, we have begun familiarizing our self with equipment, begun working on establishing a brand for the podcast, and collecting various topics we would like to discuss. We will do a mock run of the first episode next week and I am terribly excited to get our first few episodes up and running. We plan for the podcast to show a variety of perspectives on female issues, but will center around how the american teenage girl is impacted by each topic. We will have a segment in each podcast in which we interview girls at our school and then talk to our guest star about the various perspectives shown. We plan on talking about everything from teen pregnancy to sex trafficking and prostitution. I am looking forward to facilitating a discussion and showing perspectives on such important issues!

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