Blog Post #4

For this fourth blog post assignment, I am choosing prompt number 3, “What are you learning about your topic?” I am supposed to go back to a previous post, choose a question, and answer it using the knowledge I have gain over the past few weeks. I have found that none of the questions I asked are really applicable to the subject I have been writing about. In choosing to write about just one specific topic (the controversy surrounding the building of telescopes on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii) I feel as though I have pigeon holed myself. For the purpose of completing this assignment I will talk about what I have learned, but for future assignments I would really like to talk about something else.

What I have learned from reading about the telescopes is that the struggle for native people to keep control over their sacred lands is still a problem. While I would normally side with the people trying to protect the land, in this particular case it is a bit harder to have a definitive opinion. The telescopes would be built for scientific purposes and could provide amazing, new, results that would help to greatly further our ever growing understanding of space. However, I feel that because building the telescopes would so greatly effect people down here on earth, this particular location (Mauna Kea) should be moved.