A girl and two cups or ‘please read my blog about how much I love coffee and validate my writing’

I drink copious amounts of coffee every day.

I get up at 9 everyday, but wake up only at 11, after my mouth has been blessed with highly acidic Coorgi coffee.
Between that, I give my colleagues a one-man preview of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Now before you dismiss me as a coffee-loving, ‘I can’t start my day without coffee’, ‘I only drink Organic coffee’, ‘..something about coffee farmers’, hipster, let me clarify.

Coffee wakes you up.

It temporarily deletes lethargy from your fabric and makes you use words like ‘lethargy’ and ‘fabric’
Apart from disabling adenosine to bind with its receptors, coffee also wakes you up on a spiritual level, making you re-evaluate your current situation…and then quickly forget it.

The first cup of coffee in the day is the Buddhism to my Ashoka, the 3 ghosts to my Scrooge and the Dragon Scroll to my Kung-Fu Panda. 
The first cup shifts my personality from Hitler to Winnie the Pooh.
Developed these single-cell comics about an over-caffeinated Sardar. For more, you can check out Meaww India on Facebook.

Coffee is restlessness in a cup.

10 minutes back it gave me the motivation and lots of creative jitters to write again. It triggered my anxiety and now has me biting my nails. And typing.

Coffee gives you a kick.

While alcohol kicks you to the kerb, coffee kicks you to be more productive. It kicks you on the ass to juice out more out of life.

Coffee is like Sex.

Sex is awesome.

The Higher you get, the Lower you fall.

Coffee, along with all of the wonderful things in life, like your girlfriend, eventually, tosses you from a cliff. After an enjoyable climb and something to the effect of getting laid on top, it sends you hurtling down to reality, or lack thereof in case it’s your girlfriend.

A caffeine crash is like a car crash. 
In a car without airbags. 
On the highway. 
At 140 km/h. 
With a baby in the back seat.

It’s brutal.

But hey, at least the baby died.

Coffee is a constant reminder that all good things come to an end, and often tragically and suddenly. 
Just like this blog.

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