Celebrate. Rejoice. A good man has triumphed. Joe Biden is president elect of the United States. Kamala Harris, a strong and smart Black woman, will be our first female vice president.

Donald Trump, a man bewildered that he couldn’t muster enough boot-lickers to steal an election and destroy democracy, a man responsible for tens of thousands of deaths through cover-ups and lies about coronavirus, is defeated.

Biden is an imperfect man but a thoroughly decent mensch. The pain of losing his first wife and a child in a tragic car accident and of losing son Beau to cancer instilled in…

Obama meets the moment in saying Trump will ‘tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win’

Thank you, Mr. President.

No, not the narcissistic con man currently in office who golfs and tweets as the American coronavirus death toll reaches the equivalent of three Vietnam Wars. I mean the last real President, Barack Obama, who on Wednesday night came to the birthplace of democracy, Philadelphia, to tell it like it is to Democratic National Convention viewers and try to save our form of government before it’s too late.

I’ve often felt like some lonely blogger in pointing out the painfully obvious: that a man who sought foreign help to win an election not once, but twice…

Even a ‘Wall of Moms’ has not been enough to stop this political/racial ploy

There’s a powerful set of videos on Twitter from the Portland, Oregon, protests that ought to hit you like a punch to the gut, illustrating our country’s danger in a nutshell. They show the now-viral group called “Wall of Moms,” who joined together in the last week to push back against the federal forces sent by President Donald Trump to quell racial-justice protests.

In one video by freelance journalist Sergio Olmos, we see hundreds of these women chanting “Hands up, please don’t shoot me” to the tune of a lullaby — enough to turn many an eye moist.

In another…

Protesters march in Minneapolis after death of George Floyd (Photo by Fibonacci Blue; Creative Commons)

Racism difficult to root out when GOP has found it a winning formula

I’m too young to remember Neil Armstrong taking that first step on the moon, but as I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009 at the local gathering spot — a hotel lobby in downtown Trenton, N.J. — it had what felt like moon-landing euphoria.

Imagine, a country whose economy had originated largely on the backs of slaves, a country where blacks endured the terror of the Ku Klux Klan and the indignities of segregated schools and buses, had taken one giant leap and put an African American in the White House. I watched blacks weep, embrace…

If they won’t hold him responsible when 100,000 to 200,000 die, they’ll consider anything acceptable

We’ve had more than three years to get accustomed to the ways of Donald Trump, also known as the man of 16,000 lies. If Trump is reelected this fall, it is his supporters who must shoulder the blame for succumbing to the Big Lie and leaving our nation a gutted shell.

No one is forcing them to shut off the logic compartments in their minds. No, they’re doing that all on their own.

There can be no world — not now, not ever — where the president gets to write off 100,000 to 200,000 lives as disposable.

“You’re talking about…

Amid pandemic declaration, we may finally start to listen on threats of COVID-19 … and climate change

In this darkest of moments, peeking out from today’s declaration of a coronavirus pandemic by the World Health Organization, a teeny, but bright, ray of light is shining through. Truth and science are on the comeback trail. It’s a comeback that may save lives in the short term, and might just save our world in the long term.

Both truth and science looked hopelessly buried under Mount Deception, the hulking dung heap of 16,000 lies that President Donald Trump has told since taking office. You had the goofy lies (biggest inaugural crowd size ever!), the ones that shredded the Constitution…

From left: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump, and former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

With Senate conviction averted, the worst is yet to come

Pop quiz, kids. The day after he was freed from the shadow of the Russia investigation, which had threatened to wind up in impeachment, President Donald Trump:

(a) celebrated with a game of golf at Mar-a-Lago and promised to keep his nose clean, or

(b) went full Mafioso to try to extort a foreign power, and wound up actually being impeached.

If you picked (b), you’re an astute observer of the guy whose State of the Union address went through the human shredder Nancy Pelosi.

You also know that Trump’s done his fair share of verbal shredding. Just last summer…

Larry Hanover

Co-author of Holocaust memoir REBUILT FROM BROKEN GLASS. Former longtime NJ reporter and Temple Univ. adjunct journalism prof. Now an author and editor.

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