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Mr JT, great post. Huge inspiration to all of us unheard freedom fighters out there. One question that I’ve seen out there, that you aren’t addressing. How is your dossier related to the one back in January 2017 about President Trump?

Fox News ( reported back in January 13, 2017 that former VP Biden stated that “he and President Barack Obama were informed about the unverified allegations about President-elect Donald Trump by intelligence officials.”

… and that this dossier “…was produced in August and then released publicly this week by the media”.

(1) Can you please verify the info in that Fox News article? How can you be our guy, if the Obama administration already had the info back in August 2016?..

(2) Also, please talk more about the WH visit. If you had an appointment with the President of the United States, why jeopardize such an important message for the entirety of the American people… just to see how high you can jump? That is reckless, just to serve your ego. Now the message has been lost and misconstrued…

Thanks for the information. Please update the community with NEW information. The American people need to know. No more talk of this predator nonsense, your mission is now bigger my friend!

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