How do I bring my dreams to life?

Do you have a vision? Do you have a dream? A successful entrepreneur is someone that can make a dream come to life. An amazing entrepreneur thinks big, plans well, and commits.
What you do next really does matter.
Making a commitment is important, keeping your commitments is a must. It defines your integrity and your long-term success.
When you sign up to be an entrepreneur, you quickly learn that it is not for the faint of heart. It takes real dedication. You become a student, a servant, and a leader.
When I was learning to fly, I learned that I needed to keep my eye on the end of the runway and not on the start to have a successful landing. Business is much the same way. Business requires that you plan your approach while clearly keeping your eyes beyond the starting point of the runway. In fact, most smooth touchdowns occur beyond the numbers. After having run several successful companies and being part of a number of amazing organizations, I can tell you that your touchdown is neither the start nor the finish to a landing. New entrepreneurs often focus on getting their doors open and hope that if they build it, they will come.

Let’s talk about the numbers for a minute.

Does your business plan have a 10 year pro forma? While it seems difficult to plan a budget for 12 months out, a 10 year pro forma helps you see the end of the runway. I believe it is a critical element to seeing where your wheels will actually touch down. New businesses often miss planning for the simple things like office supplies and the more complex such as certifications and prototyping.
Developing a winning strategy should clearly involve solid business development and team enablement. If you want success, you need players around you who will help you succeed. Putting the right team together is critical. While we often have friends we would love to hire, would that really help you, them and your business? I look for the best person I can find and afford. That just may be my friend but I have to be honest with myself if I want the best for everyone involved. Finding the right person for the entire team takes the hiring decision to a whole new next level. Consider the cost to hire, the cost of money, the cost to train and the speed to market. Making the right decision really does take a pro. If you aren’t a pro, this is a key area to invest in. It is one of my keys to success. Using this can put the right players in the right places to make amazing companies even more amazing. Team enablement is not the same as staffing company. It is putting players in position for a season to find, build and train a successful team. It brings in seasoned professionals who can kick off an organization, find winners, motivate teams and quietly move out of the organization once the operation is moving in the right direction. Team enablement is also a wonderful way to move into a new market and grow an existing business.
When sales are on the top of mind, team enablement works closely with business development to find winning strategies. This requires a clear understanding of the market for your product. While direct sales and retail are common approaches, fruit may be missed with regard to licensing agreements, indirect sales and international opportunities. Each area needs to be evaluated to understand motivation, feasibility, strategy and its rationale.
I often hear it is all about the money. Wow! I hope not. I want to enjoy what I do. I want people around me to be motivated to do and enjoy their jobs. I want to improve the company’s bottom line while making the lives of people around me better. There are simple ways to encourage and discourage actions that won’t require changing the budget. I once had a mentor that used interesting items to motivate his team. It started with the monkey on your back award and the big fish award. These were trophies that actually sat on your desk for a week at a time. If you were the top dog that week, you were recognized in a team meeting as the big fish. If you were the lagging dog, you may find a monkey on your back award on your desk after the meeting. Changing approaches keeps this fresh and recognizing people in one form or another never gets old. People need to be recognized for doing a good job. People also need to understand when they need to improve without feeling that their jobs are not automatically at risk.

If you want to be successful, run with success. Dream of success. Share your passion and share your success. Be a game changer and help those around you see your vision. Empower the people around you to help you reach and grow your vision. When you land, make it smooth. Be prepared to exit the runway and enjoy a relaxing vacation every once in a while.

Thank you,

Hans H. D. von Meier
Clean Disposal Solutions, LLC