Portfolio Building — Week 1

Portfolio Current State


I recently started to build a personal portfolio as my creative project of web programming class. Since I have no prioer web programming experience, all the techniques I will use in this project is completely new to me. It is quite challenging and hence very exciting for me. Plus, it is really a learn-by-doing experience which prodect is practically useful. As my programming skill evolves, improvements will be constantly made not limited to class time but throughout my career.

Design Considerations:

Since my passion lies in both software programming and UX design, the content and design of this portfolio is equally important to me. I want the website easily readable and navigable so that user could read about my projects and working expereicence without difficulty. On the other hand, I also want this portfolio to be considerate on design principles and demonstrates great user interaction flow so that I could reflect my passion about UX design and also showcase my skills as a web developer.

Design Reference:

According to the considerations I made, I searched for some great portfolio designs that coincide with my design goal as my reference at begining. Here are the portfolio I really enjoy:

Noticeably, I have visited many photographers website and took inspirations from them long before I started this project because I love the consiseness and contend-centered approach of how photographers choose to showcase their photos on their website. I will explore the way to combine this layout apporach with more technonogy-centered content in my portfolio’s development.

HTML and CSS applied:

This week, I learnt about HTML/CSS syntax and some layout apporach on text and font. I could now manipulate font’s layout, color, text layout and build link to websites or to certain sections of my webpage which is really helpful for navigation. In general, this week is more about building a general frame that I could later decorate and improve.

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