5ive Abstractions of Self

Deconstructing ego is the undoing or peeling of self back to ones own original state of nothingness. How does one begin to understand the direction towards nothingness in order to attain self mastery? There is a simplicity of thought that can help us tune into the frequency of change. The problem with self work is that most of our attempts are based on other constructs. We learn techniques to unlearn towards mastery. There is a bit of oxymoronic processing on this path. As such, this is a paved and unpaved path, the knowing and unknowing of what to do and what not to do, and the ability and inability of even starting to understand how to start.

There are five variables that construct the equations of inner work. These are in the form of initial self realizations that will help construct the apparatus that you will be using for the journey of self actualization. These are the first ‘must-haves’ in your journey. They will help untangle any situation that may arise. The brilliance of each step is as enlightening as its level of perceived simplicity. A tough situation is nothing more than simplicity viewed through the complexity of preconditioned eyes. Once we remove these conditions, our ability to self adjust becomes innately fluid.

  1. I do know that I do not know: What is it that we really know? The more we entrench ourselves with self knowledge the more we limit how expansive we can become. The process of unlearning, unknowing, and deconstructing of whatever we hold as sacred knowledge presupposes that we must breakdown old world constructs which then allows for truths to be constructed as the new medium.
  2. I am not one thing nor am I many things: In a moment in time you may specify as certain existence within this world. This, however, is only a moment in time. You are not just that one thing because you have yet to be another thing at another time. To be nothing allows you to be everything, and to be everything allows you to not be formless and endless.
  3. I exist in the now and I am also timeless: A culmination of experiences in this time and ancestral time, you are timeless. What enables you to accomplish everything is, being in the now. The reason you are capable of anything is your timeless ability to be anywhere with enough ‘now’ work. Time is as potent as the perceptions put upon it.
  4. I am you perceived in limitations: We are limited in viewpoint. Our perception of the world is through the eyes of what we think is our reality. We assume our experiences are only our own which continues the notion of the human divide. In actuality, you are me and I am you experiencing life through different realities. Our realities may be our own through these perceptions however they are images constructed through collective experiences only observable through one persons eyes, thus the illusion of separation. We are united in the equilibrium of oneness and in the thought of unity we transcend all human suffering.
  5. My reality is as unreal as my thoughts: What I think is what I project. This projection is manifested through the construct of experiences and beliefs. These are transformed from thought into images of perceived reality. What is then considered real to oneself and what is someone else's reality observations to your reality remains forever subject. Your thoughts are as fluid and obscure as your own reality.

Observe current obstacles and pathways through these 5 lenses and find your perspective shifting as you traverse life solutions. May your journey be elevated!