Self Realignment

When faced with a new direction in life what is the first thing you say and then do? This exact moment defines your current state of being and whether you will succeed in this new trajectory or not. In taking the first step, are you adding new variables of change or are you entering a familiar cycle that will inevitably lead you to the same place you are in today some time in the future?

A friend called me today who has been going through tremendous trials and tribulations in life. The first part of our conversation was for him to revisit everything he has been going through, then by saying he did not get a job he had been interviewing for, and ending in that his immune system has been compromised with flu-like symptoms. Clearly he has been going through a lot. After some compassionate consolation, I had to step back and ask one simple question, what were his next steps.

It is at this moment in time that will define what the next phase of your life will look like. What one chooses to think and project will define a new path taken or one will reenter a cycle lived in familiarity but not optimally. If we take the culmination of self awareness up to this point and approach this as a time of full connectedness with self and surroundings, we can extrapolate a new pathway that can ensure new outcomes. This is the moment to slow down the beat of your heart and mind to allow them to work in tandem. This will harmonize deep truths of the current situation while allowing new variables to be placed in your solution. The next step then taken will be some degree shift of the current enabling a whole new outcome.

My friend’s reply was to “maybe” reapply to another job in a place that no longer spoke to his purpose proceeded with an another “maybe” to wait and see if this other angle that is aligned with his purpose pans out. This sounds like a person that has allowed the cycle within their comfort zone to take directional control of future events. After a 30 minute call, and seeing how he already studied the 7 basic principals for elevation and what they mean specifically to him, he was able to adjust his perspective to realign with his ultimate truth in action and his next steps had taken him towards his purpose which was more aligned with his true joys in life.

3 steps to remember when facing necessary adjustments

  1. Feel through the emotions that you are in. Be vulnerable in the moment and allow the waves of your true feelings to take you on an unknown journey. Accept the lack of direction and do not fear the unknown.
  2. This will slow you down enough to lock into and define your true emotions and current predicaments. You will then be able to visualize your cycle and all its elements to incorporate new variables of change.
  3. Step forward and adjust along the way as you incorporate these new variables of change and see how you remove conditions of time on yourself to allow for lasting change to take place. Have faith in the process by trusting in yourself and your ability and willingness to adjust.


In the absence of remembering my true self I open up to an adjustment and realignment to reharmonize genuinely and unapologetically and with the utmost integrity and honor to the person that I am in deep gratitude and vulnerability. I then shall remember my true self.

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