Time for Lent-Yes I know I’m late To Post 😀

What is the first thing that comes to your mind at the mention of the word “Lent”? All the fuzzy stuff that you pull out of the little slot thing in your dryer? The Christian observation of forty days of sacrifice of an object and etc?

Well this time we aren’t talking about the stuff you pull out of your dryer but the Christian holiday. Not all denominations observe or practice this. Some observe it and see it as a time of repentance. Some see it as a time to read more of the Bible and pray. Some see it as time to give out a worldly pleasure. Some denominations don’t even observe it.

I remember going to church as a kid but I don’t remember observing it in my home while growing up. I remember services concerning if I went to church with one of my grandmothers. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and runs for forty days (six weeks) and ends before Easter. This year it is March 1, 2017 — April 13,2017.

I could write a whole blog about the matter. But, it would have been a huge Blog and would have taken ages. I’m also pretty sure you would have grown bored but none the less what I did learn was fascinating none the less.

For me it’s a form of fasting like it is for so many others. I use lent to help me to find my strengths and my weaknesses. I know it may sound hypocritical but I feel as though if I can find my strengths then maybe I can use those strengths to grow and be who God wants me to be.

So this year for lent I am doing a list of things that I am giving up and a list of things that I want to bring to the plate and grow off of both lists.

To do away with list:

  1. Stop eating salt and vinegar chips and other junk food
  2. Stop using vulgar language
  3. Not to be quick to anger
  4. Learn to keep my mouth shut
  5. Stop being hard on myself and others
  6. Stop trying so hard to get others to accept me for me
  7. Do away with Sweet Tea
  8. Do away completely with coke (not that I drink it often)
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Stop complaining
  11. Stop spending my money on things that I don’t need
  12. Stop using Facebook so much

My list for positive change

  1. Eat more vegetables
  2. Drink more unsweetened tea
  3. Be more accepting to others and their opinions even I don’t agree with them
  4. Get back into church
  5. Trust god more
  6. Be positive
  7. Appreciate more
  8. Love unconditionally
  9. Read the Bible more
  10. Spend my money on things that I only need and bills

Thats just to name a few and my lists are pretty long. May or may not be longer than most for a lent list. There are many ways to find out what lent is and how it is practiced by attending church services with churches or a church or even looking up online. Or even contacting a local church, minister, Christian neighbor and it friend.

Whatever you choose to do just follow your arrow.

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