Embrace the difficult path

Originally published at motivateyourmondays.blogspot.com.

So you survived another week and you’re here looking for more motivation. Wrong! You crushed last week and you’re here to kick off another amazing one! I’ll tell you why.

As complex as we humans are, we all essentially crave simplicity. We’d all like to have an easy day at work, an afternoon without the kids fighting, a traffic-free ride home, etc. It’s like we almost forget to embrace that complexity that makes us so unique, and most often you’ll find people ‘upset’ because they’re inundated with ‘problems’. But try to remember a time when you actually learned something about yourself: was it the day you spent lounging on the couch, or the day you juggled 4 meetings, a major deadline, & giving Fido a bath all before cooking dinner? I bet it was the latter. We all need to be pushed. We need to test our own limits in order to grow, and scare ourselves in order to learn. This is why I consciously choose the difficult path.

As my friend T. Harv Eker taught us in last week’s Motivational Monday quote, don’t focus on the size of the problem but rather the size of you. I know, I know… easier said than done, right?

Start here. Start by abolishing the word ‘problem’ from your vocabulary. Let’s call them ‘obstacles’ instead. See, doesn’t that already feel better? Like nothing can stand in your way? Now, envision your day as a path, filled with obstacles. Run the path a few times in your mind, as vividly as you can, clearing each obstacle with grace and ease as you go. Imagine yourself as a damn gazelle with a lion behind you if you have to, but just do it! And as you go through your day today, just remember that path and all the obstacles you have already cleared. It’s all about controlling your mind, not the day. Once you realize this basic truth, you will start choosing the difficult path too!

“If you can find a path with no difficulties, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” — unknown

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