Life After Graduation

This is my story

In May 2015 ago, I finally managed to complete my education in one of the best universities in Indonesia, ITB. Ultimately I can feel relief and emotion. To be honest, I was tired of waiting for the approval of the supervisor who had not yet given permission for a bachelor degree hearing since two previous months. But with the end of the trial exams, my wait was over, too.

Although already earned a bachelor degree, it turns out that I think fatigue will disappear even back again. Obviously, in my mind occured the thingking about what I will do after graduation. I do not know why I think of it now. However, before I do my final project, I knew that I would immediately continue my education at the Master degree program. I have been looking for some universities abroad related to education and my interest for studying in here.

But the longer the opening of new admissions in there, I was getting restless. What I will probably get it. And finally, I began hoping to find work.

As a result here I am now, join the millions of people who are seeking employment.

It is not like that I imagined, finding a job is difficult. Moreover, oil and gas companies in Indonesia today few job opening. In fact, there is news that the registration of civil servants for this year will not be open.

The difficulty of finding a job finally made me think to look for work or other activities that can fill my spare time. I do not want to be the one to waste time without producing any.

And finally writing is one activity that can make me feel better. Yes, hopefully this waiting is over. I hope I can obtain a better job or even I can go to school in one of the university goals. Wish me luck!