Five GOOD reasons to join Escape the City!

And why the Escape School must have a Net Promoter Score of 10

Earlier this year I decided to blog less because I realised that most of what I wrote was not creating any value whatsoever. And so as I type this 95th blog in the last three years, I hope there is a real purpose behind.

It’s always a good place to start with a question and I have two:

  1. What is the best thing you have done this year?
  2. What is the thing that brings you alive more than anything else?

For me no 1 is not the 42 days I spent paddling the Mississippi, it is the 12 weeks I spent at Escape the City’s StartUp Accelerator which finished around 3.30am last night.

No 2 — simply put, it’s being in a group with a real purpose and I’ve been fortunate to have had this experience more or less non stop since the first paddle stroke near St Louis in March through to the final quiz at the Escape School in Clerkenwell last night.

So why should others follow me and my amazing classmates and sign up for the Escape School’s Startup Accelerator or Career Change Accelerator before applications close this weekend?

Our class at Work.Life last night (excuse the photo bomb!)
  1. Ben, Skye, Mia and Dom

My recent experience of, ironically, heading back to the City while having a go at launching PaddleSafari has confirmed one thing for me more than any other: it’s all about the people that are running the show.

At Investec during the day and Escape in the evening and weekends, I’ve come alive because the people I see each day are happy to see me and because of that, I want to give a lot to their mission.

With our class in the Startup Accelerator, Escape has thrown a load of people at the problem — of making it the best possible learning experience in London. And they smashed it.

Ben Keene is a unique character that motivates and pays attention to each of the 35 in the class.

Skye Robertson is an amazing teacher and has mastered the art of getting us to lose our nerves and ‘just start’.

Mia Sherman is that person that each ambitious group needs — honest, reliable and never settles until the job is done.

And Dom Jackman — how many CEOs turn up to every class and share all their wisdom in eight simple steps?

2. It’s all about the ‘Why’?

Last night Dom shared a photo on Instagram which encapsulates the ‘why’.

12 weeks. 30 ideas launched and 1 over sized thank you card. Hard to believe this is ‘work’. 30 more escapees doing their thing. 998,972 more to go. #1,000,000escapes

Dom’s mission, which started 7 years ago, is to have One Million People find more fulfilling work. Is that clear enough?

3. GSD guaranteed

‘Getting shit done’ is such a throw-away line these days — so what does it really mean?

At Escape it means these things:

Learned how to do graphic design — and made a ‘poster’ for an Insta post.

Learned how to test an idea and get feedback — and found 40 potential customers because you did it.

Learned how to build a website — and made it!

Learned how to test your first version of the solution — and did run the actual Facebook ad campaign, no matter how much it frightens you.

And that was just what I got done. Most of the class had infinitely more success in GSD than me, but I think you get the point!

4. Immense new digi tool kit

When I met Ben on a working holiday in Bali in 2015, I thought he had an impressive array of digital tools but I really did not think the were for me — I’m really an analogue guy at heart. I was reluctant to even Strikingly.

Even I am on the Canva revolution

Two years on I am shocked at what’s available — if you have not heard of Canva, you’re so far behind.

The good news is that everything is so usable and Escape takes you through all of the good ones!

There is literally no better time to test out a business idea today as there is literally a tool for every job that needs doing.

As Dom told us, when he put together Escape’s first explainer video in 2010, it took him over 100 hours.

Today, Bitable does the job in less than one hour! To see the tools we’ve had every for three months at Escape, check out No Code.

5. More than just a course

It’s at this point that many folks will say something like this: “if it’s so easy to do, why would I pay someone else to help me?”

There are two responses that really matter:

a. what is the alternative way to get the same outcome on roughly the same timeline?

And, more importantly:

b. why has it not happened already?

I hope this blog has answered both these questions for you but, if you need a real testimonial, here’s what my our amazing colleague Mariana has to say on the subject:

Mariana Graca made this earlier this week, most likely in Canva!
“Summer 2017 would not have been the same without these great people, who taught me so much, pushed me to launch my idea, made me look at everything from a different perspective and overall made me laugh and smile like I hadn’t done in a while!”

A final thought: life is too short to blog about shit that doesn’t matter!

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