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El Nido is a tiny village on the northwest side of the island Palawan. Nowadays ist famous among travellers and backpacker, so be prepared that it can get very crowded. It is still a highlight and must do while being in the Philippines, therefore you will find a short overview below of the things to do in El Nido.

Things To Do In El Nido

Nacpan Beach

Nacpan beach is 40 minute tricyle or a short taxi or tuktuk ride away from El Nido town, but its totally worth it. …


The Philippines is one of my favorite country! Friendly, happy, social and super hospitable local people will welcome you. Some of the best islands, beaches and diving spots in the world can be found in the Phils! There are over 7000 islands in the Philippines, what a dream for island and beach lovers. Therefore, I can tell you already, 30 days which you get with your tourist visa are definitely not enough.

I have been to the Philippines 2 times so far, in total 2 months, but I will go for sure another time as there are still so many islands on my list which I want to visit. …

Despite most people say you should skip Manila, as it is not nice and dangerous, I can recommend to give it a chance, as it is not as bad at all as its reputation. Manila is a fast growing city and a great place for city lovers. The city never sleeps and you can eat and drink almost 24 hours. Some parts are always overcrowded and polluted, but in other areas you feel like being in another city. Read my Manila City Guide below for more information.

Things To Do In Manila

Manila Bay

Stroll along the whole Manila bay from the south up north until you reach the nice and green Rizal park. You will have a great view over the whole bay of Manila. You will pass new buildings as well as poor areas. …


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