Month’s 2 & 3 in Our Shared Shelf Book Club.

So back in feb I released a post reviewing my first month in ‘Our Shared Shelf’ a book club on Goodreads. Stated by Emma Watson. The challenge to read a book a month. The theme Feminism. For those of you that don’t know. Emma is taking a break to focus on her project ‘He for She’.

You can read my first blog for details about the first month.

So month 2 we read ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker. I’m gonna be honest here. I didn’t read the whole book. Being dyslexic, I really struggled to read this book. It based in Georgia, USA. And is written in the Georgian accent. This I found difficult to read, I do. however know why it is written this way. So I cheated and watched the film adaptation, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I understand why this book was picked. It is a wonderful story of women over coming the years of abuse and standing up for their rights. Challenging the way things are.

Moving on to month 3 we read ‘All about Love’ by Bell Hooks. Now I enjoyed this book. Bell challenges our views on Love and the way society portrays love. She is honest about romantic love. That some love’s are not meant to last. She raises a concern that we are brought up with a confused view of love. If you want to read a book that may challenge your views, this is one to read. For me most of this book reiterated what I believed. This was a very honest book which looked deeply into love. The western concept of it and the challenges we need to face to see what real, deep love is.

I am still enjoying my time in this book club. I look forward to sharing my views on the next book, ‘How to Be A Woman’ by Caitlin Moran.

Here are the links to the book club and Emma’s project:

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