Google’s Washington employees are feeling the Bern!

I was curious how Google employees are donating to the presidential primaries. So I went to the Federal Election Commission website at and searched for all the contributions where the employer was listed as Google.

It turns out that everywhere except Washington state is donating approximately the same. Google wide, or California, or New York, or the rest all donate consistently. 3 times as many individual donors for Bernie than Hillary. But in total that only adds up to donating $1.10 for Bernie for every $1 donated to Hillary. So Bernie donors are following the national trend of lots of small donations. The average Hillary donation is 2.7 times the average Bernie one.

Except for Washington. Here we have 13 Bernie donors for every Hillary donor. In total we’ve donated $15 for every $1 donated to Hillary. Which means the average Bernie donation is 1.2 times the size of the average Hillary donation. Go Washington!

Here’s the spreadsheet with the donations and my quick math:

Also, no Google employees have donated to Trump. Exactly.