Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I agree with your review. Apple has indeed lost its way.

I have been hoping that they will stop removing functionality from the programs that I use daily. I am an older Mac user who actually creates things on Mac’s.

Photography (Who came up with the pile of images scramble called “Photos”? Not a Mac user.)

Video (iMovie has been redesigned to be unusable for creating videos from scratch on a timeline.)

Music (GarageBand now is cluttered with lessons, hip hop loops and an anti-workflow interface.)

I use an older version of Pages now that so many controls and useful features have been removed or redesigned.

The list goes on, but if you are one of the many thousands of artists and creators who purchased Apple because the computers and software “just worked” for graphic designers, TV, movie producers and Grammy award winning music production, then you will agree that the new Apple guys have really lost their way and have dragged down Macs with them on their quest for confusing mediocrity.

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