Break the Comparison Habit

by Stefania Lintonbon

If we believe everything we read in the papers or on Facebook, we might think that we had missed the boat of success entirely or at the very least, missed our slice of the enticing pie.

But all is not often as it seems. Sometimes life stories get ‘enhanced’ a bit on social media.

There is one person you and I should be most concerned with comparing ourselves with and that is ourselves. Let’s always try to be better than we were yesterday, but not nearly as good as we are going to be tomorrow.

Sometimes that can go a bit wrong too. Especially when we start comparing ourselves today with our younger selves, or with past victories in life. Ban regret from your vocabulary. Let’s banish fear of failure or anxiety about future life successes from our consciousnesses. I’ve been there and it’s very draining.

Make a plan, stick to it, ask for help if you need it and just go forward. Look to others on your path for inspiration, but let’s not compare or make ourselves feel bad.

You are whole, perfect and complete as you are. We are each so unique and wonderful that we deserve to be busy creating our own luscious lives instead of standing on the sidelines looking at everybody else wishing we had their good fortune.

That’s rubbish! The funny thing is, whilst we may be busy looking at others, there is somebody who is looking at us with admiration.

There is always someone better off than us, and there is always someone who is not in as good a place as we are.

So let’s just forget the social media chatter, keep our heads up and make our own way. We don’t need to compare or compete with anyone but ourselves.

Let’s discuss.

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