I’m the Manager, not the Receptionist
Emily Dunn

Thank you for writing & sharing this! Too often I am disrespected when, not only am I the youngest person in the boardroom full of middle aged men, but the only women. Just last week I was at a client meeting waiting with my colleague at reception when he bumped into a man he knew. Both men completely disregarded me, did not introduce me or greet me. When our female client who we were waiting to see arrived a few minutes later. Again he disregarded me, did not introduce me. She gracefully introduced herself and greeted me. We then proceeded to walk down the hall, and he just went ahead of me not opening the door. I mean seriously, whatever happened to ‘ladies first’ “greetings ma’am” etc. I feel men are in serious need of etiquette training on how to treat a woman as a respectable lady. I could go on for hours about all the sexist and disrespectful ways I’ve been treated in the work place over the years. This 1 most recent incident is just the tip of the ice berg.

It’s hard for women, and most men knowingly continue to insult, disrespect and disregard us in the work place. I’ve had to harden up a lot, which I’m not proud of as I feel I’m becoming a bitter person because of it. But I tell you what, I have gradually started building up the courage to call men out on it in the moment when they treat not just me, but any women that way. So ladies, whenever you see the opportunity, don’t hesitate, act immediately. Politely (emphasis on politely) make it known and say to the men at fault in that immediate moment “Excuse me, where are your manners, don’t you introduce a lady in your presence / have you forgotten that it’s rude not to open the door for her / it is rude to interrupt me when I am speaking/ what ever happened to ladies first gentlemen?”

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