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Robyn — Canine Coach

As a breeder I am sad to say that you are 100% correct that the phone conversation you described is too often exactly how it happens. This is not only far from a responsible or ethical breeder but a person I wouldn’t even call a breeder but an irresponsible pet owner who is producing puppies for profit. I also agree with you that we have far too many adult animals in shelters and rescues that are deserving of homes. Many people seeking pets are better suited to adopting adult or senior animals and that’s wonderful and should be an encouraged route. I have often interviewed potential buyers only to find that a puppy may not be a proper fit for them and educated them in the direction of seeking an older dog and our local shelters. In turn I feel shelters could help educate owners and cut the business going towards these horrible puppy for profit producers if they would educate as well. Encourage towards the adoption from shelters but realize some will always want a puppy and seek out a breeder so help us educate. Emphasize the importance of health testing, seeing the parents pedigree, meeting with the breeder, kennel cleanliness, show titles etc. Seek out and build a relationship with a few reputable breeders in your community. Working together we can reach more people.

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